Master of Science in Clinical Research (MSc-CR)


Careers & Outcomes

Approx. Program Length

12-18 Months

Total ECTS Credits


Tuition Fee

5000 CHF



Overview of the Master of Science in Clinical Research (MSc-CR) Program

James Lind Institute, Switzerland,  offers one of the most comprehensive Master’s programs in Clinical Research through our Master of Science in Clinical Research Degree Program. This program places emphasis on both theory and hands-on aspects of design, implementation, analyses, interpretation, and publishing the findings of clinical trials. Clinical research is a global phenomenon with almost all countries participating in clinical trials. Stakeholders in clinical trials range from academia, research institutions, industry, governments, patients and caregivers, payers, healthcare organizations and physicians to name a few.


The regulatory agencies in most markets have been increasingly demanding more concrete safety and efficacy evidence in support of new drug approvals. With the development of more modern study designs and utilization of techniques such as adaptive study designs, modeling, and simulation, clinical trials are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Newer regulations and guidelines are being applied which necessitates that clinical research professionals stay current on these advances in knowledge and understanding of how to implement clinical trials.


The Master of Science in Clinical Research (MSc-CR) program at JLI is suited to aspirants as well as clinical research professionals of varying experience. Students who complete this program are expected to have advanced knowledge of all the fundamental concepts of clinical trial design and implementation, operational aspects of clinical trials, project management, financial aspects of clinical research, international regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance, and medical writing. Students are encouraged to critically analyze complex situations and interpret them in the light of existing guidelines and laws.


Approx. Course Length

3 weeks

Total ECTS Credits


Max. Number of Transfer Credits:


Pathway to earning a Master of Science in Clinical Research (MSc-CR)

The JLI Master of Science in Clinical Research (MSc-CR) program is comprised of a total of 90 ECTS Credits.  Upon enrollment in this program students will complete 16 Courses each consisting of 4 ECTS Credits, totaling 64 ECTS Credits. Students will also undertake a research project and write a research report consists of 26 ECTS Credits. The program is self-paced and most students complete the program between 12 and 18 months. Some students who devote a significant amount of time to their studies finish the program in 12 months.


Following is the structure of the MSc-CR Program:

Careers & Outcomes

Job Growth




The industry dealing in pharmaceutical and biotech solutions is undergoing quite a bit of change all over the world, as there is an increasing focus on innovation and personalized medicine. Nearly all of the business models are reaching a stage, where the coexistence of novel and old strategies is made possible. Since there are notable improvements in the emerging economies of countries such as India, China, Brazil and Russia, the industry is gradually fixating research and development in these regions, especially when it comes to clinical development phases. The pharmaceutical and biotech companies in these areas are placing their Research and Development activities in both the innovative molecules and the generic market.

Naturally, this scenario has resulted in the emergence of a number of clinical research management organizations such as full-service CROs, early phase CROs, SMOs, companies with specialized services, etc. This has led to an increased demand for specialists in this sector, which has been clear in recent reports.

The Master of Science in Clinical Research (MSc-CR) program will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental concepts in clinical research and will provide an enhancement to your skills and knowledge, which are required to become a clinical research professional.  The curriculum of this program is completely reviewed and approved by the clinical research industry, and this makes certain that students will receive all the needed knowledge to make their way into this industry. It also provides opportunities for specialists in the field to move forward in their careers.


Job Outlook

Excellent. Most reports estimate a job growth of approximately 15% annually with a greater number of jobs pushed to outsourced companies such as CROs and SMOs.


Career Areas


Clinical research is a broad area and encompasses several key disciplines that provide excellent opportunities for long and rewarding careers. Also, it is customary for clinical research professionals to move laterally between functional areas for gaining experience and specialization.  Following are some key roles that clinical research professionals assume


Clinical Research Associate (CRA)

Clinical Research Manager

Clinical Research Coordinator

Regulatory Manager

Quality Assurance Associate or Manager

Pharmacovigilance Expert

Data Management Professional

Medica Writer

Business Development Associate or Manager

Clinical Research Consultant

Central Laboratory Professional

Research Site Manager




James Lind Institute maintains very high standards for students who enter our academic programs. For MSc-HM programs, the following criteria need to be met before admission is offered to a prospective student.


Bachelor’s Degree or an equivalent recognized academic title in any of the following areas will suffice the academic entry criteria for MSc-CR program.


Behavioral and social sciences (Sociology, Psychology, Counselling)

Biomedical Sciences



Dentistry, Oral Health

Development Studies

Environmental Health

Exercise and Sport Science

Food Science

Health Economics

Health Management

Medicine, Medical sciences



Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Therapy



Public Health or Health Sciences

Science (All disciplines)

Speech Therapy

Veterinary sciences


For students who don’t have a Bachelor’s Degree, there can be a possibility to use Recognition of Prior Experience (RPE). JLI generally utilizes over 3 years of experience in a significant role for waiver of Bachelor’s Degree. Please contact us at for exploring this pathway.


Evidence of Proficiency in English

IELTS 6.0+

PET 50+

TOEFL 550+


The English proficiency test can be waived for the following candidates:

Native English Speakers, or;

Applicants having completed their schooling in English (i.e. High School Diploma or IB), or;

Applicants having completed their undergraduate degree in English in an English speaking country.

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