Master of Science in Translational Medicine – MSc TM (Online)

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12-18 Months

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Overview of the Master of Science in Translational Medicine (MSc-TM) Program

How can we efficiently and quickly make the most recently developed cutting-edge medical technologies and treatments accessible to people to enable them to live healthier and longer lives? How can we further develop the presently available treatments and return them to basic research to make them more effective? The response to each of these questions is ‘Translational Medicine’ or ‘Translational Research’. Translational medicine has become an internationally acknowledged, appealing area of medicine that comprises translating the science from a laboratory bench to hospital bedside. A significant part of translational medicine is centered around novel drug therapies. Translational medicine primarily enables us to conduct the best possible in vitro, animal and human studies to be able to treat common human diseases. People working in translational medicine design a number of pathways to help identify and test treatments that may be the most effective in humans.


It is the progression of a new idea that transforms into a new treatment in order to enhance our health and cope with illnesses. This field of medicine has been acknowledged the world over due to the role that it plays in making new treatments available faster to the general public. Translational medicine typically includes a number of scientific disciplines such as genomics, proteomics, intellectual property rights (IPR), research funding, regulations, and clinical study designs, etc. This field of study seeks to equip professionals with the expertise & skills to carry out research related to the pharmaceutical & biomedical sector.


For didactic purposes, translational research has been categorized into four “T” phases. T1 includes operations that bring novel ideas from basic research through early testing in humans. T2 includes the establishment of efficacy and safety in humans and the development of clinical guidelines. T3 mainly focuses on the execution and dissemination of research and finally, T4 focuses on outcomes and effectiveness in populations.



The JLI Masters of Science in Translational Medicine (MSc-TM) program has been designed to ensure that it is suited to new graduates as well as experienced professionals who are already working in the clinical and other health disciplines, administrative functions, or involved in health policy development. Students who complete this program are expected to have advanced knowledge of all the fundamental concepts of Translational Medicine and Research.


An optional one-year onsite training (Fellowship in Translational Medicine) is available for students enrolled for the MSc Translational Medicine at the Department of Translational Medicine and Therapeutics, HCG Oncology, Bangalore. The online MSc program may be attended during or prior to the fellowship program.


The JLI Masters of Science in Translational Medicine (MSc-TM) program has been designed to ensure that it is suited to new graduates as well as experienced professionals who are already working in the clinical and other health disciplines, administrative functions, or involved in health policy development. Students who complete this program are expected to have advanced knowledge of all the fundamental concepts of Translational Medicine and Research.


Program Leaders

Dr. Radheshyam Naik MD, DM Medical Oncology

Chair, Department of Translational Medicine and Therapeutics

Head of Medical Oncology and Group Medical Advisor, HCG Hospitals



Dr. Suhail Sayeed Mufti MBBS, DNB Pathology, MS Translational Medicine (Edin.), MBA

Director, Department of Translational Medicine and Therapeutics

HealthCare Global Enterprises Ltd.


Approx. Course Length

3 weeks

Total ECTS Credits


Max. Number of Transfer Credits:


Pathway to earning a Master of Science in Translational Medicine (MSc-TM)

The JLI Master of Science in Translational Medicine (MSc-TM) program is comprised of a total of 90 ECTS Credits.  Upon enrollment in this program students will complete 16 Courses each consisting of 4 ECTS Credits, totaling 64 ECTS Credits. Students will also undertake a research project and write a research report consists of 26 ECTS Credits. The program is self-paced and most students complete the program between 12 and 18 months. Some students who devote a significant amount of time to their studies finish the program in 12 months.


Following is the structure of the MSc-TM Program:

Careers & Outcomes

Job Growth


Career Outcome


The MSc Translational Medicine course at JLI equips graduates with an in-depth understanding of the ‘bench to bedside and vice-versa’ paradigm for efficient drug development with a focus on genomic medicine, proteomics, personalized & precision medicine, clinical trial management, regulatory affairs, population health, and epidemiology.


The scientific community has acknowledged a large “translational gap” which exists in linking potential scientific discoveries to therapeutic interventions for better disease outcome. To bridge the gap, translational science specialists with an interdisciplinary understanding of drug discovery and development process are needed.


The MSc Translational Medicine is a taught program and is designed to prepare you for professional roles in pharmaceutical and biotech basic sciences, early and late phase clinical development and management of research.




James Lind Institute maintains very high standards for students who enter our academic programs. For MSc in Translational Medicine (MSc-TM) program, the following criteria need to be met before admission is offered to a prospective student.


Bachelor’s Degree or an equivalent recognized academic title in any of the following areas will suffice the academic entry criteria for MSc-TM program.


Dentistry, Oral Health

Medicine, Medical sciences



Recognition of Prior Experience (RPE) is not available for this program considering the critical need for the student to have undergone rigorous training in a medicine-related program.


Evidence of Proficiency in English

IELTS 6.0+

PET 50+

TOEFL 550+


The English proficiency test can be waived for the following candidates:

Native English Speakers, or;

Applicants having completed their schooling in English (i.e. High School Diploma or IB), or;

Applicants having completed their undergraduate degree in English in an English speaking country.

Dual Degree

Approx. Program Length

Total ECTS Credits

Tuition Fee

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This program can be combined with MBA in Clinical Research program that is offered through the Business School. Please write to us at for more information.

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