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Approx. Program Length

18 Months

Total ECTS Credits


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Overview of the Master of Science in Health Management (MSc) Program

The field of public health is of high importance as it focuses on health at a population/community level. People who are trained in public health and have

advanced degrees in this field are in high demand globally. Public health professionals help to prevent the outbreak of diseases, develop a plan of action in case of outbreaks and work at national and international levels in policymaking and implementation. Generally, public health professionals are a part of large healthcare organizations both for and non-profit, and public or private.


The James Lind Institute and the International Telematic University, UNINETTUNO, Rome, Italy (Università Telematica Internazionale UniNettuno ‘UTIU’) have collaborated to bring to you a very unique opportunity to earn a Master’s degree in Public Health via the Master of Science in Public Health Management Program. The program has been thoughtfully structured in order to provide the required knowledge and skills to new aspirants, current Public Health professionals, and those working or aspiring to work within the health sector.


Approx. Course Length

2-6 weeks

Total ECTS Credits


Pathway to earning a Master of Science in Health Management involves 2 stages.

Stage 1: Completion of Advanced Diploma

Upon enrollment in this program students will first complete the Advanced Diploma in Public Health Management which typically is completed in 36 weeks and is comprised of 42 ECTS Credits. This program comprises of 21 Core Courses.

Stage 2: Transfer to Masters Program

Upon completion of Stage 1, the student will be transferred to the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO, Rome, Italy for pursuing the online Master of Science in Health Management. The university will accept all credits obtained in Stage 1 for progression to a master’s degree. James Lind Institute will coordinate the transfer process on behalf of the student with the University.


MASTERS DEGREE (Stage 2): 90 (Including credits transferred from Stage 1)


Following is the structure of the entire M.Sc Program:

Community Medicine AD-001 (Core)
2 Credits | Approx. 2 weeks
Epidemiology AD-002 (Core)
2 Credits | Approx. 2 weeks
Health Economics AD-004 (Core)
2 Credits | Approx. 2 weeks
Biostatistics AD-005 (Core)
2 Credits | Approx. 2 weeks
Nutrition AD-007 (Core)
2 Credits | Approx. 2 weeks
Data and Communication AD-008 (Core)
2 Credits | Approx. 2 weeks
Environmental Health AD-009 (Core)
2 Credits | Approx. 2 weeks
Mental Health AD-010 (Core)
2 Credits | Approx. 2 weeks
Infectious Diseases AD-014 (Core)
2 Credits | Approx. 2 weeks
Research Methods AD-020 (Elective)
2 Credits | Approx. 2 weeks

Careers & Outcomes

Job Growth

30% Job Growth

Career Outlook

The need for effective managers and professionals with significant responsibility in the healthcare set us continues to grow every year. The healthcare industry continues to evolve and differentiate. There is an increased emphasis on decentralizing the delivery of health with the creation of community healthcare facilities that decrease the reliance on tertiary healthcare facilities. The increased number and as well as the scope of work that needs to be undertaken at the community health facilities has led to increased demand for healthcare professionals who can administer and manage these facilities and functions.


Both public and private healthcare operations require effective managers who oversee the quality of care that is delivered in these health set-ups. Professionals who have formal education in the managerial aspects of healthcare are well suited for taking up these roles of responsibility. If you have a passion for healthcare and management, this is an excellent career choice for you. Through this career you can not only immerse yourself in the healthcare domain and work alongside physicians, nurses and other allied healthcare staff, you also get to utilize fundamentals of leadership and management to run teams or organizations to success. As you evolve in your career with assuming roles of increasing responsibilities, you will be involved in governance, policy development and executive managerial responsibility and accountability.


Overall the healthcare job market is less affected by economic fluctuations and this market continues to expand at a significant rate year-on-year. If we look at the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), the healthcare jobs are expected to grow at 30-40% a year which is almost 4 times higher than the average growth for all industries.


Some interesting roles that you can assume after completing your MSc in Health Management are


Health Manager

Community Health Coordinator

Research Manager

Patient Engagement Manager

Health Information Manager

Facilities Manager

Quality Assurance Manager

Satellite Clinic Manager

Hospital Manager

Clinical Manager





James Lind Institute maintains very high standards for students who enter our academic programs. For MSc-HM programs, the following criteria need to be met before admission is offered to a prospective student.


Bachelor’s Degree or an equivalent recognized academic title in any of the following areas will suffice the academic entry criteria for MSc-HM programs.


Behavioral and social sciences (Sociology, Psychology, Counselling)

Biomedical Sciences



Dentistry, Oral Health

Development Studies

Environmental Health

Exercise and Sport Science

Food Science

Health Economics

Health Management

Medicine, Medical sciences



Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Therapy



Public Health or Health Sciences

Science (All disciplines)

Speech Therapy

Veterinary sciences


For students who don’t have a Bachelor’s Degree, there can be a possibility to use Recognition of Prior Experience (RPE). JLI generally utilizes over 3 years of experience in a significant role for waiver of Bachelor’s Degree. Please contact us at for exploring this pathway.


Evidence of Proficiency in English

IELTS 6.0+

PET 50+

TOEFL 550+


The English proficiency test can be waived for the following candidates:

Native English Speakers, or;

Applicants having completed their schooling in English (i.e. High School Diploma or IB), or;

Applicants having completed their undergraduate degree in English in an English speaking country.

Dual Degree

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