M.Sc in Health Management

Key Facts

1.5 - 2 Yrs


Healthcare is an ever growing sector that offers excellent career opportunities. Health management is about managing various levels of health service from an efficiency and cost effectiveness point of view. The James Lind Institute and the International Telematic University, UNINETTUNO, Rome, Italy (Università Telematica Internazionale UniNettuno 'UTIU') have joined hands to bring to you an excellent opportunity to earn an Advanced Diploma and a Master of Science degree, a qualification of International repute and acceptance. The programs have been carefully designed in order to provide the required knowledge and expertise to managers, senior managers and those working in leadership positions within the health sector. The masters program stresses on management of health from a global as well as local perspective and incorporates elements from the growing body of knowledge and evidence to allow for comparisons across various geographic regions.

What You Will Study

The program is comprised of 90 ECTS credits and can be completed in about 18 months. For a detailed list of courses taught in this program, please refer to the curriculum.

After completion of 42 credits (Stage I), an interim qualification of Advanced Diploma in Public Health Management is awarded by James Lind Institute.  Upon completion you will be transferred to the International Telematic University, Uninettuno, Rome, Italy for completion of Stage II of this program. Another 48 credits will be completed in this stage and upon completion the M.Sc in Health Management will be awarded by the International Telematic University.

See Curriculum


Stage 1 (at JLI)

Introduction To Public Health and Healthcare
Community Medicine
Health Planning and Hospital Management
Health Economics
Data and Communication
Environmental Health
Mental Health
Introduction to Surveillance
Preventive Medicine and Population Health
Resources and Administration
Infectious Diseases
Global Health Policy and Development
Planetary Health
Fundamentals of Sexual and Reproductive Health
Health and Human Rights
Research Methods
Occupational Health
Evaluating International Public Health Issues
Public Health Disasters: A Global Ethical Framework
Public Health Risk Assessment for Human Exposure to Chemicals
Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Urban Living and Public Health
Pharmaceuticals in Global Public Health
Geospatial Analysis of Public Health
Global Health Security
Global Health Collaboration

Stage 2 (at International Telematic University)

Principles of Health Management (6 Credits)
Decision Making, Planning and Leadership (6 Credits)
Information Technology in Health Systems (6 Credits)
Anthropology and Sociology of Health and Medical Care (6 Credits)

Dissertation / thesis (24 Credits)

How You Will Study

This program is conducted fully online.

Once you are enrolled you will be provided a username and password to login to our e-Campus. All the courses that you are supposed to study will be available in your account. You can log in and complete your courses at any time of your convenience. Study materials are provided in the form of lectures, reading materials, additional videos, research papers, and so on. The faculty can be contacted for any assistance when required. All tests and assignment submissions also take place via the e-Campus. For more information please refer to the online learning section of the website.

Other Information
Eligibility Requirements
Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent / higher)

This program requires a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent recognized academic title, preferably in a life science-related area. If you are unsure about your eligibility, please reach out to our admission staff.
Document Requirements
  • A passport size photo (head and shoulders only)
  • Copy of identity proof e.g. a copy of passport or any other government-issued identity card
  • Copy of bachelor’s degree or equivalent (degree/higher national diploma etc.)
  • Copy of academic transcripts/marks sheets from the bachelor’s degree
  • Copy of High School Diploma / Secondary School Certificate 
  • CV
Language Requirements

This program is taught in English. Therefore, you should be comfortable in using English as a language of communication (reading, writing and speaking). If you have taken an English language test in the last two years, that is good to have. If not, you can explore a waiver for the English language test.

The English proficiency test is waived-off for the following candidates:

– Native English speakers, OR;
– Applicants who have completed their previous qualifications (e.g. bachelor’s degree) in English language, OR;
– Applicants who have at least 2 years of work experience in an organization in which English is the primary language of communication.

Program Fees

Our program fees are very reasonable in comparison to other schools. Please calculate the fees applicable to you by using our online fee calculator.

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Studying at UTIU

In the masters level i.e. Stage 2, the university's online learning methodology is followed. The university conducts the online training within the WEB macro-area known as the Didactic Cyberspace. In this area students can access digitized study materials, interact with a guide (professor-tutor) and also access virtual classrooms and a 3D Auditorium where students and professors-tutors interact in the three-dimensional world of UNINETTUNO via voice.


Advanced Diploma level (Stage 1):

Up to the Advanced Diploma level, you will be assessed based on online multiple choice question tests for each lesson, and submission of assignments for each module.

Masters level (Stage 2):

After you transfer to the International Telematic University UNINETTUNO for upgrade to a Master of Science in Health Management, for each study module you will:
- Submit a written essay. This contributes 30% towards the total final grade of the module.
- undergo an oral exam / viva (via teleconferencing) OR a written exam (at a place assigned by the University abroad, or in one of University’ s Technological Poles abroad, or in the Italian Embassy in the country where the you live). This contributes 70% towards the total final grade of the module.

Program FAQ's

This program can be completed in about 1.5 to 2 years. It is fully self-paced, so you can increase your pace or go slow based on your time availability.

The primary mode of learning is via pre-recorded lectures, videos, reading materials etc. A few live guest lectures are scheduled during the program however they are optional to attend. Whenever such sessions are scheduled they are planned in a way that is convenient for most of our students. If you are unable to attend, a reccorded version will be provided.

You will be able to interact with the faculty via the personal messaging facility available in your study account, discussion forum, or via emails. A short phone call can also be scheduled if necessary.

A discussion group is available for the program. You can post your questions in the group and other students may respond.

Generally, you do not need to purchase any books. All the resources that you need will be made available by the faculty in your account. If you do wish to have text books, then the faculty can recommend to you some, and you may purchase them on your own,

Please refer to the assessments section in this page above.

You can save the pdf study notes that will be provided for each unit. Videos and other multimedia content cannot be downloaded.

Once you are nearning the completion of your coursework, you will work with your mentor to finalize a topic. You will then work on your dissertation under the guidance of your mentor and submit it once complete. The word count required is a minimum of 20000 words. You may be required to defend the dissertation as per the applicable academic policies.

No, our degree does not mention that the program was conducted online.

A virtual graduation ceremony may be conducted for which you will be invited to join via video-conferencing. After this the completion documents are sent to your postal address by courier.

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