School of Health Management


JLI offers graduate and post-graduate programs in a number of areas within the School of Health Management. Join us at our next webinar and learn more about we can help you to acheive your academic goals.

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At JLI, we believe that today’s academic programs must translate very quickly in to meaningful skills for our students. We ensure that students gain the knowledge and skills needed to be highly successful.

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At JLI we ensure that each student developes a direct rapport with their faculty. With our online learning environment, students and faculty are always connected for the best student experience.

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Improving lives is at the core of our educational programs

Academic programs at JLI School of Health Management prepare students to be successful in contributing in careers focused on finding solutions to prevent disease and improve health within communities.


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Making a difference in Public Health

MPH In Public Health Leadership

Some say that leaders are born to lead from the front. This is a subject that is being argued by great thinkers and philosophers who find a correlation between leadership and knowledge. The skills that we develop with higher education, the life lessons we experience during our studies, the great examples that we inculcate from […]

10 MPH Programs From JLI Switzerland

James Lind Institute (JLI) is an international educational setup situated in Geneva, Switzerland. Globally recognized degrees in the public health sector, the world-class educational institute JLI, has students from over 80 countries and more than 5000 alumni. Students seeking quality education in healthcare fields, with successful careers in health administration, pharma science, clinical science & […]

Answered: Your Most Burning Questions about MASTERS IN PUBLIC HEALTH

Public Health is often defined as a system which works together for the common good of mankind. This can be done through various initiatives, engagements and implementations. Public Health professionals strive towards enhancing the quality of life for communities, large groups, etc. Public Health is concerned with protecting and improving the health of multiple people, […]