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JLI offers post-graduate programs in several areas within the School of Agricultural Sciences. Join us at our next webinar and learn more about our academic programs, projects,  and internship opportunities.

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We partner with agricultural organizations to find ways to expose our students to hands-on training. Students work with their mentors to find an opportunity to spend time on the field, especially for their research project.

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At JLI we ensure that each student developes a direct rapport with their faculty. With our online learning environment and projects, students and faculty are always connected for the best student experience.

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Committed to Sustainability and Productivity Through High-Quality Academics

The academic programs within the School of Agricultural Sciences are designed in a way that they help students to research and try find solutions for key challenges that we face in Agriculture in the 20th century


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Making a difference in Agriculture

Public Health Leadership and Research

Why do we need public health leaders? Leadership is one of the core components of public health. The public health leaders mobilize people, organization and communities to tackle public health challenges. Low and middle-income countries constantly face the growing burden of non-communicable diseases (NCDs). NCDs are found responsible for 68% of all deaths worldwide and […]

Preventive oncology – prevention is better than cure

Why preventive oncology? Cancer has become one the major global threats recording the highest death toll every year worldwide. It was estimated that nearly 22 million cancer cases would be reported by 2030, if it persists at the same pace. The economic impact of cancer mortality and morbidity was estimated to be $895 billion in […]

Earn a Global MPH from Switzerland

Public Health professionals in Nursing, Pharmaceutical companies and Medical Research help ensure national health by disseminating information and promoting preventive treatments among the population for a healthy lifestyle. Global MPH (Masters In Public Health) Courses On-campus and online courses in Master of Public Health are designed to train students to effectively protect and improve public […]

Due to the negative economic effects of COVD 19, JLI Switzerland has decided to waive off 25% tuition fees for all Masters Programs for the upcoming intake for all current and new students. Please contact our admissions team at for more details.

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