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We Are One of The Largest, Most Diverse EduQua Certified Institutions

We are a swiss EduQua certified international educational institution based in Geneva, Switzerland. We prepare our students for careers in public health, health administration, pharmaceutical sciences, clinical research, agriculture, business management and more.
With students from over 80 countries and over 5000 alumni across the globe, our growing global community is testament to the excellent education and skill building of students at JLI. We offer our students a flexible self-paced learning environment which can be customized to each student’s individual needs. Our faculty is a mix of experts in academia and industry so that students are exposed to both theoretical and practical aspects of their areas of study.


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Our Story

Born Out of The Need for
High Quality
Distance Education

Niche programs in fields such as public health, clinical research and allied health specialities have traditionally been very expensive. In addition, there has always been a lack of efficiently conducted distance learning programs, that can support the global demand for trained workforce in these critical areas.
In 2008, a group of professionals came together to create a platform that could deliver high quality training programs and bring them within reach of people across the world, no matter how remote they were. After months of exchange of ideas and consultation with the industry stakeholders, James Lind Institute was established in 2009. The school started its operations in India with a few online clinical research programs, but the vision was much bigger. With early success and positive feedback, the school grew rapidly and established more centers in Southeast Asia, while diversifying into more areas of need. Over time, the school has gained very high reputation and forged many meaningful collaborations. Eventually, the school was also established in Geneva, Switzerland which now serves as its primary location. The school continues to bring forth new programs and is establishing presence in more regions across the world.

Our Mission, Vision & Values


To provide superior education to our students and adult learners through comprehensive and integrated academic courses enhanced by technology, concerted interdisciplinary approach with global reach, embracing research, scholarly pursuits, and relevant industry participation.


Our vision is that JLI will be the resource of choice for adult learning and higher skills education, and revolutionary learning. JLI will be an essential contributor to quality education that meets the demands of the growing industry. We will demonstrate a concerted, technology-driven & interdisciplinary approach to education and training for upcoming professionals in various industries. We envision JLI as a place in academia where talent and Industry come closer for mutual constructive efforts.

  • Career oriented learning is at the center of all we extend ourselves to achieve. We incessantly improve the learning experience and its relevance to those we serve through innovation, nimbleness and developing a path of career security.
  • Our learning approaches are governed by the highest degree of ethics, integrity and social responsibility, exhibited through transparency, openness, trust and dependability.
  • We at JLI have a never ending approach to exceed expectations for quality and service in all that we do. Shaping the career of our students is at the center of all we do. For achieving this, all potential means are explored ranging from mentoring to presentation and referencing before the relevant industry.
  • We value all our students and invest in their personal and professional growth and development, and assist them in their career path from basic needs towards self actualization.
  • We plan prudently for our students by monitoring the key changes in the industry and take appropriate actions that prepares them ahead of time to meet future challenges.

James Lind - The Man

James LindJames Lind is famous because of a clinical trial he did more than 250 years ago.

Lind was born in 1716, in Edinburgh, and after completing his schooling he became apprenticed to a physician in 1731. He then worked as a Surgeon’s Mate in the British Navy for 8 years and was promoted to Surgeon in 1747.

At that time, scurvy was a grievous disease and common among sailors making long voyages across the Atlantic Ocean. As the cause of scurvy was unknown, many different treatments were proposed. James Lind compared six of these treatments – oranges and lemons, cider, vinegar, sulphuric acid, salt water, and garlic – in a clinical trial that began on 20 May 1747. He chose patients with similar symptoms and clinical signs (which include bleeding gums, sunken eyes, and loss of teeth), who received the same basic diet and were nursed in the same part of the ship. Only the sailors given oranges and lemons recovered.

The use of citrus fruits to prevent and cure scurvy disease was not accepted by either the Royal College of Physicians of London or the Admiralty during Lind’s life. However, after Lind’s death in 1794, the British Navy recognized that making available the juice of citrus fruits to sailors would protect them from a potentially deadly disease.

Due to his exemplary investigation, James Lind is often considered as the “Father of Naval Medicine”. To celebrate the day that James Lind started his famous trial to find an effective treatment for scurvy, International Clinical Trials Day is celebrated around the world on or near the 20th of May each year.

You can know more about James Lind on the James Lind Library at jameslindlibrary(dot)org.

Write-up provided to JLI by Sir Iain Geoffrey Chalmers.
Iain Chalmers is one of the founders of the Cochrane Collaboration, and coordinator of the James Lind Initiative, which includes the James Lind Library and James Lind Alliance.