Executive Certificate in Public Health Leadership & Research

Key Facts

3 Months
Max. Duration
12 Months


Public Health Leadership is the discipline of managing people, organizations, and communities to efficiently develop and execute strategies for public health challenges and create a system of continuous improvement.
Public health professionals worldwide operate in a challenging and dynamic climate. They are expected to initiate and execute plans, contribute in policy development, hold healthcare stakeholders accountable, and build partnerships across a vast array of professionals, communities and stakeholders. A public health professional in a leadership role needs to have the skills of critical analysis, communication, conflict management and persuasion that enables to advance community health in this increasingly complex, resource constrained environment.
Research and innovation are at the core of public health enterprise and continuous professional development is important for public health leaders to efficiently contribute towards evidence development for designing better public health systems, strategies and policies.
Leadership is not an inherent trait but is a skill that can be learned through focussed education, mentorship and perseverance. The traits of an effective leader in public health are honesty, integrity, confidence, inspiring attitude, commitment, passion, good communication, decision making ability, accountability, delegation, empowerment, empathy and a strong aptitude for creativity and Innovation.


The ‘online Executive Certificate in Public Health Leadership and Research (EC-PHLR)’ builds leadership proficiency and expertise which is critically important for leaders in public health. This JLI program allows public health professionals to discover their leadership potential and equip them with practical skills and validated leadership tools and resources. The program has a research training component that generates immediate and lasting benefits for public health professionals, those they lead, and for the system at large. This program offers a customized curriculum to meet the needs of busy public health and medical practitioners. It offers a strong focus on individual mentoring, peer interaction and learning, and the creation of a community of practice to give public health professionals access to a wider network enabling them address the policy and program implementation challenges.


The program is comprised of 8 modules that can be completed in about 3 months or less. For a detailed list of modules covered in this program, please refer to the curriculum.

See Curriculum


MODULE 01: Strategic Leadership Theories and Principles
MODULE 02: Leadership Applications in Public Health
MODULE 03: Leadership and Preparedness
MODULE 04: Leadership Skills and Competencies
MODULE 05: Leadership Evaluation and Research
MODULE 06: Epidemiology & Evidence Based Research
MODULE 07: Pharmaceutical Medicine
MODULE 08: Data Management & Biostatistics


What is a credit?

A credit represents the amount of effort that is required to complete the program. Each module credit is equal to approximately 20 hours of study including lecture, tutorial, projects, assignment, field work etc. as may be applicable.

The curriculum for this program is extensive, has been developed and evaluated by experienced industry professionals and is fully endorsed by the industry. It is an ideal program for anyone who aspires to work in leadership positions within the public health area.

How You Will Study

This program is conducted fully online.

Once you are enrolled you will be provided a username and password to login to our e-Campus. All the courses that you are supposed to study will be available in your account. You can log in and complete your courses at any time of your convenience. Study materials are provided in the form of lectures, reading materials, additional videos, research papers, and so on. The faculty can be contacted for any assistance when required. All tests and assignment submissions also take place via the e-Campus. For more information please refer to the online learning section of the website.

Important Dates

Next Start Date: 01 Aug 2024
Application Deadline: 31 Jul 2024


  • Multiple Choice Questions

    Each lesson that you study online will be followed by a multiple choice question test. These usually comprise of 15 to 20 questions and can be attempted multiple times if needed. Pass percentage is 60%. The next unit in the sequence only unlocks once you have passed the test.

  • Project Work

    Each module is followed by a project or an assignment. This is like writing an essay in 1000 to 1500 words. The project topic and the guidelines to be followed will be available in your account.

Academic Support

As a student you can interact online with the faculty members and fellow students to network and to discuss important topics via your e-Campus. The faculty can be contacted via personal messaging, emails, or phone, if required.

Towards the end of the program you will be provided placement assistance via our “Student Success Team”.

In addition, soon after enrolment, each participant registered in this course is provided with a mentor who is an experienced professional from the clinical research industry. The mentor can be contacted at any time via email for career guidance.

Eligibility Requirements

– Professionals working in public health or allied sectors

– At least 3 years of related work experience is preferred

Document Requirements
  • A passport size photo (head and shoulders only)
  • Copy of identity proof e.g. a copy of passport or any other government-issued identity card
  • Copy of bachelor’s degree or equivalent (degree/higher national diploma etc.)
  • Copy of academic transcripts/marks sheets from the bachelor’s degree
Language Requirements

This program is taught in English. Therefore, you should be comfortable in using English as a language of communication (reading, writing and speaking).

No proof is required.


How much does it cost?

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Career Opportunities

Public Health professionals have an opportunity to make a significant contribution to improving the health communities. People trained in public health can explore career opportunities with non government organizations (NGOs), consulting firms, healthcare associations, hospitals, nursing homes, physician practices, mental health organizations, public health departments, rehabilitation centres, skilled nursing facilities, universities and research institutions etc.

Program FAQ's

This program can be completed in about 3 months. It is fully self-paced, so you can increase your pace or go slow based on your time availability.

The primary mode of learning is via pre-recorded lectures, videos, reading materials etc. A few live guest lectures are scheduled during the program however they are optional to attend. Whenever such sessions are scheduled they are planned in a way that is convenient for most of our students. If you are unable to attend, a reccorded version will be provided.

You will be able to interact with the faculty via the personal messaging facility available in your study account, discussion forum, or via emails. A short phone call can also be scheduled if necessary.

A discussion group is available for the program. You can post your questions in the group and other students may respond.

Generally, you do not need to purchase any books. All the resources that you need will be made available by the faculty in your account. If you do wish to have text books, then the faculty can recommend to you some, and you may purchase them on your own,

Each unit within each course will be followed by a short multiple-choice question test. Once you pass, the next unit will activate for you to study. You can take these tests as many times as you need to.

In addition, you will be required to submit assignments for each course. Assignments are like essay or paper writing, usually of 1000 – 1500 words. Guidelines on how to write them will be available in your account.

You can save the pdf study notes that will be provided for each unit. Videos and other multimedia content cannot be downloaded.

No, our degree does not mention that the program was conducted online.

At this time any graduation ceremony is not conducted for short duration programs like this one. Completion documents are sent to you by post or courier.

We recommend that you invest 10 to 12 hours per week in order to be able to complete within the prescribed program duration.
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