Current Students

Current Students

Resources for Current JLI Students

If you are currently enrolled in any of our programs, some information on this page will be helpful.


e-Campus & Journal Access

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Technical Assistance

If you face any technical issues with the e-Campus or with the journal access via Sciencedirect such as login issues, broken links, content not loading, or anything similar, please contact the system administrator at:

Whatsapp +65-85097465.

Program Extension

JLI offers you more than sufficient time to complete your program. If for any reason you have been unable to complete the program within the maximum allowed timeframe for your program, please apply for an extension. An extension is granted for a minimum of 1 year on payment of the extension fees. Please use the following link to apply for extension.
Apply for Extension

Extension Request Form



Every year, hundreds of new graduates who completed their program join the thousands of James Lind Institute alumni to create a brighter future for life.
Once you have completed all your program requirements and submitted the program completion notification form it will be verified by the institute. Upon completion of all required administrative checks, you will qualify to receive your degree. For our bachelor’s, master’s, and higher degree programs, a virtual graduation ceremony is conducted twice a year during which the degrees are presented to qualified students. The hard copies of the documents are couriered to graduates thereafter. For all other programs such as diplomas, postgraduate diplomas, etc., the completion documents are sent within 4 to 6 weeks of completion.

Career Counseling

During your program, if at any time you feel the need to talk to someone regarding your career, we are always available. You can schedule a meeting with one of our advisors for career guidance. To schedule such a meeting, please write to and provide detailed information about yourself and what you wish to discuss. We will then get a member of the team to schedule a call with you.


Code of Conduct

All JLI students must abide by the institute’s code of conduct as follows:

Student Feedback

We highly value your feedback in all aspects of the institute, whether it is administrative or academic. If you would like to provide any constructive feedback to help us improve our services please use the following link:

Submit Feedback

Feedback Form




We understand that for one or the other personal reasons you may have to withdraw from the program. We highly encourage you to explore all possible solutions before you decide to withdraw. If you must, then you can submit a request for withdrawal using the following withdrawal request form.

Please note that any fee paid to the institute is non-refundable and non-transferable unless stated otherwise in your student contract or the terms and conditions of your admission.

Withdrawal Request

Withdrawal Request Form

Placement Support

Reasonable placement support is provided to all students upon completion. If you seek any such support, please get in touch with our Student Success Team at Type of support provided:

– CV review and guidance
– Interview preparation materials
– Identification of potential opportunities within our network
– Sending of CVs to organizations with openings
– Follow ups with employers etc.

All these services are provided at no additional cost.
Any placements are not guaranteed.

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