CSR and The Foundation

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Social responsibility describes how we are making a difference to the social and economic wellbeing of the communities in the regions where we operate, and also the regions where our students come from, through our teaching, research, public events, NGO collaborations and other activities.

We want to establish ourselves as a significant player for social impact and have a multi-year year plan for how we'll succeed.


The James Lind Foundation

To lead efforts to enhance the health of people and the planet. To make strategic investments in child education, women's and child health, sanitation and availability of clean drinking water.

James Lind Foundation has been formed under the leadership of the James Lind Institute so that there is a strategic intent and a programmatic approach in our efforts to give back to the society where our help is needed the most.
We are keen to partner with individuals, organisations and governments so that we can best provide our expertise, funding and networks to the causes that we support and lead. Our dedicated website lists our priority causes, updates on the projects that we are supporting or leading, and particularly how our students and alumni are volunteering at the foundation to support our efforts.

James Lind Foundation aspires to make transformational changes at the grass-root level so that self-perpetuating positive outcomes are achieved.


Our current approach to corporate social responsibility via the James Lind Foundation is summarized in the following eight points. More information about how we are tackling each of these will be available in the James Lind Foundation’s website which will be launched soon.

Sustainable Development Goals

The UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the world’s call to action on the most pressing challenges and opportunities facing humanity and the natural world, and we’re playing a leading role in tackling them.

Public Engagement

Public engagement covers the many ways we connect, share and involve the public with our work locally, nationally and internationally.

Environmental Sustainability

Through our teaching, operations, engagement, collaborations with NGOs and people, the institute is helping to lead the way to a more sustainable world.

Social Inclusion

We are speaking with, involving and inspiring, people in our programs, in communities and around the globe to help us develop a better understanding of social inclusion and how we can help create inclusive and effective solutions.

Better Health

We believe everyone should have access to better health.
We are committed to promoting good health and wellbeing for our employees, students and communities, both locally and globally.

Responsible Graduates

As leaders of tomorrow, we want our graduates to represent the widest range of social backgrounds and develop a sense of ethical, social and environmental responsibility towards the societies they will serve.

Cultural Engagement

Being an institution that has students from over 80 countries, we try to engage with students from a cultural perspective to understand them and their cultures better and explore ways in which we could engage with their communities better.

Civic Engagement

Civic engagement is one of the major parts of our vision and strategic plan. It reflects how our work is enhanced and inspired by our location in Geneva and other cities, and the way we improve lives across our cities and region.

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