e-Learning & Study Methodology

e-Learning & Study Methodology


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The training methodology adopted by us is in accordance with the “Conversational Model of Laurillard” and follows its unique criteria of adaptability, interactive discussions, and multi-directional reflection of students' performance.


Numerous studies have proven that distance learners perform as well or better than their on-campus counterparts.

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JLI-study procedure

Online tests are usually in the form of multiple-choice questions. Tests are conducted for each unit that you study and comprise of 15 to 20 questions. You can re-attempt the test multiple times.

Assignments are generally like an essay or paper writing. You are provided a topic about which you will be expected to write approximately 1000 words as per the assignment writing guidelines. There may be one or more for each module.

Login Anytime

Access 24x7

Our e-Campus is accessible seven days a week, 24 hours a day. We employ robust IT infrastructure to minimize downtimes so you can study on your own terms.

Self-Paced Learning

Working Professional? No problem.

You can log in anytime to access your study materials. Materials are in the form of presentations with voice, videos, pdfs, podcasts etc. For many programs, frequent live classes are scheduled as well.

Online Assessments


All your tests and assignment submissions will be online. The method varies from one program to another but generally speaking these can also be taken at your convenience.

Mentor Support

Personal Mentor

No matter which program you are taking up. A professor or a mentor is always available to help with any questions or guidance that you may need.

Technical Requirements

Any modern laptop, desktop, or tablet is sufficient to participate in our programs. You will need a reasonable internet connection and a browser like google chrome or safari. In addition, you may need Microsoft Word to write your assignments.

Is Online Learning For Me?

An online program is for you if:


Demo Study Materials

This is only a small demonstration of the type of content that is available in the student e-Campus.


e-Learning FAQs

Any modern laptop, desktop, tablet etc with an internet connection is sufficient.

No, it is not difficult at all. Using our online learning platform is as easy as using email, surfing the internet or using any basic software. You will be provided with some orientation documents before the start of your program in order to help you learn navigation and other functionalities of the online program.

All assignment topics and upload options will be available in the relevant section of your e-Campus.

You can communicate with the professor via the messaging system in your study account, or via personal emails. Discussion threads may also be available for certain topics where relevant questions can be asked.

You can contact the system administrator or reach out to our student advisors for any assistance.

Most of the programs are self-paced. There is no set timing for classes. You can log in and study at any time as per your convenience. For some live web-sessions (if applicable to your program) you will be provided a schedule well in advance.

It depends on the program that you are enrolled in. Please check the duration mentioned on the web page of that program. In some cases you may be able to complete earlier than the prescribed duration, or can even extend it if required.

Based on your chosen program of study, the modules that you are supposed to complete as per the curriculum will automatically appear in your student account.

It depends on the program. Generally speaking, the primary form of studying is via self-paced study materials with ongoing mentor support; however, for some programs frequent live sessions and guest lectures are conducted as well. Often such sessions are optional to attend and are scheduled at a time that is convenient for most of the attendees.

You can download the pdf versions of study notes that are provided. These can be used for offline studies as and when required. Lectures and other interactive materials cannot be downloaded.

No, we do not send any hard copies. All the materials that you will need will be available in your account.

You will be provided access to the learning management system where all your study materials, tests and assignments will be posted. In addition, you will be provided access to tools such as Turnitin, and ScienceDirect. Please check the academic resources section of this website for detailed information.

A 9 year survey of literature in training published by Fletcher and Tobias in ‘Training and Retraining’, commissioned by the American Psychological Society, and published in 2000, concluded that: ‘Learners learn more using computer-based instruction than they do with conventional ways of teaching, as measured by higher post-treatment test scores.’