Study at JLI

Study at JLI

Everything you need for your admission process.


Admission Overview

Applying for admission is simple. Choose the program, gather the documents that are required for admission to that program and then apply via our online application portal.


Fees and Funding

We are known for our affordability when compared to other European schools. Some limited scholarship and financial assistance options are available, primarily for master's level programs. 


Academic Resources

We provide our students a number of resources to break the barriers of online learning. Our programs are conducted via a user-friendly learning management system. Students also receive access to leading publications such as Sciencedirect and others.


Why Study at JLI?

We build careers. We are an opportunity for you to excel and build a profile that employers value. Whether you are a thorough professional or just starting your career, James Lind Institute offers you multiple advantages that enable you to stay ahead of your competition and to grow in your career.


Online Learning

We believe in keeping things simple yet modern and effective. This has led us to create for you a cutting edge e-Campus that allows you to study anywhere at anytime in an engaging learning environment