Key Deadlines

Bachelors & Masters Programs

Next Start Date: 01 July 2024
App. Deadline: 28 June 2024

All Other Programs

Next Start Date: 1 July 2024
Application Deadline: 30 June 2024

For other available start dates please check the application portal.

Admission Steps

Broadly speaking, following are the steps in the admission process. An explanation of each of these has been provided as well.

Choose a program according to your interests and eligibility
Prepare supporting documents
Create account, fill your details and submit application
Receive a decision within 2 to 5 working days
Accept the offer and pay applicable fee
Select the Right Program

Selecting a relevant program that suits you most is the first essential step in the application process. Chances are that you already know which program you want to apply for, however if you are unsure, please feel free to get in touch with our academic advisors via email or other communication channels. The advisor will evaluate your educational background, skills, career interests, career goals and suggest one or more programs that suit you best.

Prepare Supporting Documents

Generally, you need the following documents (Some programs may have additional requirements):

  • A passport size photo (head and shoulders only)
  • Copy of identity proof e.g. a copy of passport or any other government-issued identity card
  • Copy of the qualification(s) you list in your application (degree/diploma etc.)
  • Copy of associated academic transcripts/marks sheets

Some masters degree programs may also require:

  • Copy of High School Diploma / Secondary School Certificate 
  • Copy of English language proficiency test results (if applicable)

You may also prepare a motivation letter (about 1 page) describing why you are applying for the program and how it will help your career moving forward.

Create Account and Apply
  1. Visit the application portal here:
  2. Create an account (Dream ID) by clicking Sign in / register on the application portal.
  3. Select the program and the semester you wish to apply for. The available semesters and the application deadlines are displayed for each program.
  4. Fill in details about yourself such as contact information, education, languages, employment, etc.
  5. Upload supporting documents in the ‘checklist’ section of the application.
  6. You may save the information entered along the way and when all fields have been filled and the tasks completed, click ‘Submit’ to submit your application.
Wait For a Decision

Once you have applied, the admissions committee will review your application. If any documents are pending or not legible you will be provided  feedback and an opportunity to upload them.

If you meet all eligibility requirements and your application is complete, an offer of admission will be made. This usually takes 2 to 5 working days.

Accept the Offer and Pay Your Fee

If you receive an offer of admission, you must accept it via your account and proceed with the fee submission. The fee you are required to pay and other terms and conditions will be available in the offer email.

Admission confirmed. Start the program

Once your fee is received, a payment receipt will be issued and your admission will be confirmed via an admission confirmation letter. You are then ready to begin the program from the applicable start date.

Admission FAQs

Following are some frequently asked questions about the admission process

No, there is no application fee at all, for any of our programs. An application can be submitted free of cost. You only need to pay the tuition fee if you accept an offer of admission.

It is a fairly quick process. Once you have gathered soft copies of all the required documents it can take just 15 to 20 minutes to submit your application.

We try to review applications as soon as possible. Generally, our admissions committee reviews applications within 2 to 5 working days.

You will receive the username, password and other relevant instructions via email, usually 1 day prior to the indicated start date.

You can apply for upto two programs at the same time, and an offer of admission may or may not be made both of them. You can however accept the offer for only one program, and the other will be automatically declined. This means that you can only study one program at a time.

To apply, you need to check the eligibility requirements for the program and prepare clearly legible soft-copies of your supporting documents. These will be uploaded by you during the application process. Documents generally required are a passport size photo; identity proof e.g. passport; copies of prior qualifications and supporting marks sheets. Please check the program specific requirements, if any.

Yes, you should be able to communicate in English, as the program is conducted in English. To demonstrate that you are comfortable with the language you can provide a copy of any English language test results such as IELTS/TOEFL etc taken within the last 2 years. The exact score requirements are available in the admission portal. You can be excempt from this requirement if you are a native English speaker i.e. from an English speaking country, or if you have had prior education taught in English, or if you have more than 2 years of work experience in an organization where the primary mode of communication is English. A letter from your employer can be provided as evidence.

Usually, our online programs start every month, so a start date is always around the corner. Please check the key deadlines section at the top of this page to see the next available start date and deadline.

Fees can be paid online via a credit/debit card; or by a bank transfer. If these options are not suitable for you please check with our student advisors for other options.

You can pay the fee in full, or in installments. Generally the payment plans are as follows:

  • Bachelors degree: Fee for each semester is paid before the start of the semester.
  • Masters degree: An initial deposit followed by 11 monthly installments.
  • All other programs: Half after receiving an offer and half within 2 months.

You will be able to choose a payment plan during the application process.

Yes, at this time all our programs are conducted online only.

There may be some partial scholarships available. Please check the scholarship section of the website for information. Scholarships are generally awarded only for masters degree programs and to students who have demonstrated exceptional academic achievements in the past.

WES is mainly only able to evaluate certificates issued by government universities. This is also the case for various country-specific evaluation agencies and their policies vary greatly from one agency to another. As we are a private school, agencies like WES, or country-specific agencies that provide equivalence may not be able to evaluate the certificates issued by JLI. As such, any equivalence is not guaranteed. If you seek equivalence, then we recommend you to pursue (or upgrade to) one of the dual degree master’s program that we offer in collaboration with our partner universities.

Advanced diploma programs are longer in duration than diploma and professional diploma programs. Certificate programs are even shorter. Advanced Diploma programs offer a minimum of 32 credits, Diploma programs 22 credits, Professional Diploma programs 18 credits and certificate programs 14 credits.

Once you have completed all your program requirements and submitted the program completion notification form it will be verified by the institute. Upon completion of all required administrative checks, you will qualify to receive your degree. For our bachelor’s, master’s, and higher degree programs, a virtual graduation ceremony is conducted twice a year during which the degrees are presented to qualified students. The hard copies of the documents are couriered to graduates thereafter. For all other programs such as diplomas, postgraduate diplomas, etc., the completion documents are sent within 4 to 6 weeks of completion.

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