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Careers in Drug Safety – Pharmacovigilance careers

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Careers in Drug Safety – Pharmacovigilance careers

Pharmacovigilance Careers : Pharmacovigilance is the branch of science concerning to the discovery, estimation, understanding and avoidance of adverse effects, mainly long and short term side effects of medicines.  In general, it deals with compiling, monitoring, investigating, estimating and analyzing data from healthcare service providers and patients on the adverse effects of biological, allopathic medications, herbals and alternative medicines.

Pharmacovigilance market worth worldwide was to the tune of US $186 million in 2008 and is expected to touch US $ 2,253 by 2015. As of now, India is the fourth biggest producer of medicines in the world and therefore is a surplus of medicinal brands with greater than 6,000 licensed drug makers and in excess of 60,000 acknowledged formulations.

If the new drug is proving to be safe will be continued in the market and those that are found detrimental are taken off the market. After a drug side effect is observed, the Pharmacovigilance personnel enter the incident in appropriate databases, and pass-on these reports to local regulatory bodies and other relevant bodies. It is mandatory for all pharma companies to forward the safety data generated by Pharmacovigilance expert to submit to regulatory bodies on regular basis.

Bench marking stringent laws by local regulatory authorities viz., US-FDA, EMEA, DCGI, etc. has forced to the implementation of a methodical Pharmacovigilance construct globally. This in addition had influenced the creation of large number of jobs opportunities in this field.

 New drugs will always hit markets and the data to be generated will grow big and subsequently the job market will surely look promising!

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