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Certified Clinical Research Professional

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Certified Clinical Research Professional

Certified Clinical Research Professional :- Certification Program’s for clinical research personnel create a globally acceptable standard of education, understanding, and expertise to fetch an exciting job in companies involved in clinical research the world over.

A clinical research professional may function as a principal investigator, co-investigator, clinical research assistant, research nurse, pharmacist, clinical research coordinator, regulatory affairs manager, clinical data manager, quality assurance manager, or as an administrator in clinical trial management. There are many more functions that can be explored as well.

The responsibilities of a Certified clinical research professional may include collection, examination, or monitoring of clinical data,  recruitment and enrollment of human volunteers,  management of protocol,  protection of human subjects and their rights, collection of informed consent documents, completion and  monitoring of case report forms,  preparation of adverse event reports, safeguarding the drug accountability records, preparation of reports; educating other clinical research participants, patients or families about clinical research, protocol development, auditing research program and preparation of essential documents for regulatory submission.

James Lind Institute offers wide range of online certification courses in clinical research and allied services viz., basic clinical research, pharmacovigilance, medical writing, data management, regulatory affairs and quality assurance.

Becoming a certified professional helps enhance the familiarity, perception, and proper conduct of clinical research involving humans in compliance with the ICH-GCP (E6), ICH Clinical Safety Data Management, the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) of United States and the ethical principles that guide clinical research unfailing with the principles the Belmont Report, the Nuremberg Code, and the Declaration of Helsinki.

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