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Certified Clinical Research Professional

Clinical Research

Certified Clinical Research Professional

Certified Clinical Research Professional :-  Research is invaluable for advancement of the knowledge in a given discipline and it is the method from which new discoveries are made. It is to seek, investigate, study, explore, examine and inquire about a given subject. Without research there can be no progress. Clinical is relating to the bedside of a patient, his disease, or the observation and treatment of patients  Clinical research is when research methods are applied to the clinical setup that is involving patients and their attributes. Clinical research is important, doing research helps learn scientific methods, enables reading other peoples research critically, assists the practice of evidence based medicine, and help in improving the patient care.

Environment for the research should create atmosphere of inquiry and self-learning. Adequate time should spent on sprit of inquiry, philosophy of science, research methodology and importance of multi-disciplinary research.

Professional is a person  officially qualified by an experienced body of that belong to a particular career by benefit of having finished a needed course of research and exercise. And whose proficiency can usually be calculated against an recognized set of requirements. Certified clinical research professional is certified to have an in depth knowledge and skill and experience to Undertake the clinical research role as a clinical researcher.

The best way to learn research is by actually doing research. First you have to identify the area of research. Feasibility and relevance are important aspects to consider. Once you have chosen an area of research, acquire a general knowledge regarding chosen area of research before start. All these factors are to be kept in mind when you are doing clinical research.

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