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Clinical Research Distance Learning Course

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Clinical Research Distance Learning Course

Clinical research distance learning has been quite popular in the past, but with the increasing awareness and better access to internet in all cities across India, distance learning is gradually becoming obsolete and a phenomenon of the past. Students now a days do not only want books or reading material to study, but expectations have increased a lot. Now a days students require interaction with faculty and students, interactive study material and access to mentors at all times even with distance learning courses, and that is how it should be. All this has been made possible, thankfully, by cutting edge, yet user friendly technology used in online learning. Online learning as really revolutionized the way clinical research education and training is delivered to students who want to study as per their time schedules and as per their convenience. James Lind Institute provides high quality clinical research online learning programs which can be taken up by any science graduate who wants to make a career in the clinical research industry. Please visit the James Lind Institute website to know more about the distance learning / online courses in clinical research.

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