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Clinical Research Training in Nigeria

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Clinical Research Training in Nigeria

The clinical research industry is rapidly spreading its wings and is all set to dominate developing countries from all over the world. The focus of this article will be nevertheless, Nigeria, which has a population of above 130 million and is called the “the Giant of Africa” being the most populous country in Africa. We will mainly strive to focus on the Clinical Research Training in Nigeria which is all poised to become a major destination for clinical trials, owing to it population diversity and developing infrastructure and the government making a conscious effort to promote the country( in terms of medical research) as well.

Turning the pages of history and various clinical journals, one can see that there are a variety of health disorders which has gripped the population of Nigeria and are of major concern. These range from Obesity to type II Diabetes Mellitus. In the recent time, prostate cancer too has an impact on the population and this has lead the pharmaceutical industry to shift their focus on Nigeria and conduct clinical trials which will eventually benefit the people of the country immensely. But one must keep in mind about the conduct of the clinical trial, which needs to be ethical, as well as productive. Hence we need to think of various Clinical Research Training facilities in Nigeria, which would provide trained professionals, who are able to conduct trials according to various regulatory guidelines prescribed. Recently, the Southern Part of Africa has seen a lot of emphasis on the business development point of view when it comes to clinical trials. Maybe we need to think of why countries like Nigeria are missing out on such opportunities. Out of many reasons, one could be the lack of sufficiently trained manpower.

Clinical Research Training in Nigeria should focus on developing a curriculum in various field of Clinical Research which satisfies the demands of this industry, both for people fresh out of college as well as professionals, such as Physicians, Study Nurses etc. who look forward to participate in trials.

James Lind Institute is an organisation committed to impart training in the field of clinical research and pharmaceutical industry with a range of programs to choose from. This is an online based training program, accredited by industry professionals and is industry specific. The Institute offers scholarships to deserving students has a full time crew who helps in placement assistance to the student if he/she is looking for a job after course completion. For more information on the institute, students and professionals can visit

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