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Clinical Trial Training

The number of clinical trials being conducted in developing countries especially in India by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are increasing tremendously. As this clinical trial business is growing, companies and hospitals are looking for people who can manage these trials as per the applicable guidelines and regulations. The availability of thousands of jobs in this lucrative industry has been stressed upon by a number of business reports and journals. To hire professionals who are trained in clinical trials is most important for all drug development and contract research companies. Clinical Trial Training provides the basic knowledge and understanding to individuals about what clinical trials are, why they are conducted, drug development process, guidelines and regulations applicable to clinical trials etc. Possessing knowledge about all these areas is a key factor when an employer decides to hire a new candidate for any open position in the clinical trial industry.

The question however is: How should you get trained in clinical trials? The answer is simple. Get trained from those who are experts in conducting clinical trials, those who are already conducting clinical trials, those who are a part of the clinical trial industry. Simply put, get trained from a contract research organisation (CRO). They know the in’s and out’s of the clinical trial business.  It is important to understand that getting trained in clinical trials / clinical research is professional development and not formal higher education, so it is best to get trained by the industry itself, industry where you aspire to work. Clinexa Life Sciences, a full service contract research organisation through its training division James Lind Institute (JLI) offers a number of industry oriented clinical trial training courses that have been developed by experts in clinical research. Clinical Trial training programs conducted by JLI are popular globally with students coming  from more than 40 countries across 6 continents. James Lind Institute has offices in Belgium, Canada, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and India. To know more about the clinical trial training programs offered by JLI please visit the JLI website.

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