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Clinical Trials Career Types And Opportunities

Clinical trial

Clinical Trials Career Types And Opportunities

In the booming industry of clinical research, candidates specialized in the field are hired to work on various job profiles in medical or health science organizations. The professionals are skilled and trained to oversee clinical research trials of pharmaceuticals and treatments which can help cure different types of diseases and medical conditions.

Career in Clinical Research

In this fast-growing field, there is a massive need for producing skilled clinical research professionals.Basic education, key skills and knowledge in clinical research is necessary to help develop innovative drugs, devices or therapeutic methods and build a good career. Many education institutes provide online courses and certificate degrees with lectures, projects and internship programs in order to develop necessary skills. Fulfillingcareer of clinical researchis challenging which requires bright and talented science graduates with a degree in science, bio-medicine, nursing or pharmacy.
Different types of experts are employed to work in coordination for a successful clinical research trial. Doctors can take positions of principal investigator, co-investigator, drug developers, regulatory affairs manager, medical advisor or clinical research physician; pharmacists and life science graduates or postgraduates are designated as clinical research associate, clinical research manager and drug development associate, site coordinators or biostatistician; nursing graduates can move into territories of preliminary supervisors; management graduates enter territories of clinical project or research management, business development and regulatory affair management; experts in IT, operational research, biostatistics, maths or applied maths apply as drug development associate or clinical data manager in clinical preliminaries.

Job Opportunities in Clinical Research

Clinical trial industry is rapidly growing worldwide to provide tremendous job opportunities to researchers, trained professionals and management graduates in regulatory bodies, pharma companies and government organisations. There are several career paths and wide range of clinical research jobs that vary from administrative to technical positions. Challenging rolesof clinical research associate (CRA); clinical research coordinator (CRC); clinical research manager (CRM); clinical research scientist; clinical quality assurance auditor (CQA); clinical safety analyst; field monitor, clinical monitor or trial monitor; research nurses or site managers; data manager and biostatistician exist in pharma industries, biotech or medical writing companies, pharmacovigilance, patient recruitment organisations, clinical data management agencies, regulatory bodies, research labs, clinical audit and contract research organizations.
The role and responsibilities of the experts employed differ on the basis of the position acquired. CRA perform supervision, planning, execution and other activities related to clinical trials. CRM supervises designing and writing of protocols, informed consent forms or case report forms; manages all the data and prepares reports or medical presentations. CRC plays a critical role in supporting, facilitating and coordinating all the clinical trials on regular basis.A biostatistician has the key responsibility to perform statistical analysis ofdata while regulatory manager ensures complete legal compliances, tracks legislation process and registers documents for filing. Clinical quality assurance auditors inspect documents and processes of the clinical trial to ensure compliance of certain guidelines. Clinical safety analyst monitor, organize and track adverse events of a trial. With a great scope for professional growth, clinical research provides interesting career options.

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