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Clinical Research: Is Critical Appraisal Necessary?

Clinical Research Critical Appraisal

Clinical Research: Is Critical Appraisal Necessary?

What is Critical Appraisal?

Scientific information available in form of research may not always be valid, reliable or accurate and hence it is necessary to critically and systematically analyse the research for its reliability. By critically analyzing the research, it becomes easier to understand the usefulness of research for a clinician, consumer and even the pharmaceutical industries involved in drug development.

 Critical appraisal forms a major backbone of Evidence based medicine. The emergence of evidence based medicine has seen a rapid growth in the last decade with its adoption in other disciplines with respect to evidence based practice Evidence based medicine is in every sphere of medical, dental and pharmaceutical Industry which makes critical appraisal necessary at end of each new research. Basically signifying the use of scientific research for making reliable clinical decisions for treatment.   

Why is Critical Appraisal of Clinical Research Important?

 From clinicians to consumers every individual asks for the effectiveness of medicines that you provide him with or any new procedure you wish for individual to undergo. As it is very rightly stated, that all research available is not necessarily, “Gold Standard” in terms of ethics or being systematically conducted randomized controlled trials. The other side to the coin being that the research available is so vast and varied that Clinicians neither have the time to leaf through every new research that is published hence it becomes very difficult for them to keep up with the wide array of information available. Critical Appraisal helps to make the information concise and precise in terms of both quantity as well as quality. A lot of clinical research programs offer a dedicated training lesson for critical appraisal which is as per the industry norms an essential requirement.

What does Critical Appraisal include?

The critical appraisal includes all components of the research starting from the introduction, method, results, and discussion. It has to borne in mind that an individual involved in writing the critical review of researchers must appraise the information available, particularly with respect to clarity, accuracy, precision, reliability, relevance and other supporting evidence. Method of appraising any scientific information should be done systematically to provide a concise coherent conclusion. Also, it’s very essential to appraise various sources of information and provide supporting evidence in favor of the view presented whether for the research or against as well as its applicability in the clinical practice.

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