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Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore Clinical Research Courses

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Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore Clinical Research Courses

There is no doubt that the clinical research industry is all set to grow tremendously in India. Many major business reports have published how the number of clinical trials being conducted in India are increasing every year, a trend that is going to continue for many years to come.

Pharmaceutical companies (including those that manufacture only generic drugs), Contract Research Organizations (CRO’s), Site Management Organizations (SMO’s), Hospitals, Large Clinics with good set-up, are some organizations that are directly benefiting from this exponential growth.  Increase in the amount of clinical trial work being conducted in India has resulted in the requirement of trained and skilled clinical research professionals that these companies can hire easily and confidently. All companies prefer candidates who have some understanding of clinical research and are trained in this area. This not only helps companies to save cost and time that goes in training new candidates but also helps them obtain quality work from the candidate from day 1 at work.

Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore are cities where clinical trial activity is more compared to other cities and this is primarily because most of the pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, CRO’s, SMO’s and even clinical trial sites are located in these cities. Companies and hospitals in cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and even tier 2 cities such as Kochin, Trivandrum, Bhopal, Pune etc are attracting and hiring a lot of fresh talent for various clinical trial roles.

To meet this requirement of clinical research companies and to enable students make better careers in research, James Lind Institute (JLI) has empowered aspirants to get trained in clinical research from any location by making use of the internet. James Lind Institute brings to students its globally recognized clinical research training programs in a highly interactive online format which is engaging and self-paced with flexible study times. JLI uses cutting edge, most modern yet user friendly technology to overcome all barriers of distance learning and provides students the best learning experience.  Training programs in pharmacovigilance, medical writing, business development, regulatory affairs, quality assurance etc are also available in an online mode for the student to specialize in any of these desired areas.

If you wish to know more about the programs offered by JLI please feel free to visit the JLI Website.

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