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Diploma in clinical research

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Diploma in clinical research

Clinical Research is an orderly way of investigating clinical state of affairs and outcomes, to ascertain associations among clinical facts, to produce proof for data and to provide momentum for improving or evolving at novel practices and methods.

With the steady growth of the international pharmaceutical sector it is likely that more than 250,000 job positions are available globally for personnel trained in clinical research domain and more than 50,000 personnel will be required in India in this sector. It is important that such professionals have customarily received high quality training in this profession.

The multi disciplinary course will have the following modules viz., trial design and conduct, roles and responsibilities of stakeholders, data management, proposal writing, standard operating procedures, ethics in clinical research, global regulations, ICH-GCP guidelines, medical writing, drug safety and pharmacovigilance, distribution of study outcomes, administration and communication skills.

Diploma in clinical research is provided by many institutions both online and in class room settings. The professional training is a prerequisite as the job requires a tough, competent, well trained and highly informed individual. The Diploma course in Clinical Research are suitable for medical practitioners who want to participate in clinical trials and for freshers with UG or PG degrees in life sciences, pharmacy and dental sciences.

James Lind Institute offers varied self-paced online PG diploma, advanced diploma and professional diploma courses in clinical research arena. To know more, log-on to in regard to the programs that may interest you.

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