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Pharmacovigilance: Why to opt this as your career?

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Pharmacovigilance: Why to opt this as your career?

Safety is what an individual seeks. From our day to day living and more importantly in the drugs we consume for our benefits. It would be surprising to know that the drugs/medicines we consume at times can cause adverse reactions in certain individuals. This is where Pharmacovigilance plays a very important role in detecting, analyzing, assessing and preventing adverse drug reactions and in turn improving the patient care and public health by following stringent steps to curb unintended and harmful effects of the drug by dealing with every aspect of the drug lifecycle – from preclinical development to post-market surveillance – making it an essential element in drug research.

The developing nations like India, China, Philippines, and Nepal have shown a steady rise in Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies which are actively involved in the development of new drugs; thus creating an increased share in the global market of Pharmacovigilance jobs resulting in a surge of opportunities not only in India but also globally as a result of outsourcing of these jobs. The pharmacovigilance market is estimated to represent a global market of USD 7,832 million by 2025 with the growth rate of 13.9%. Apart from the surge in the Government sector, even non-government organizations are pushing the Pharmacovigilance market towards the great well being of the public health sector.

However at the same time there are challenges due to lack of skilled and trained professionals who not only understand the needs of the pharmaceutical growth and unearth the potential demand in the market but keep the safety of the drug at the utmost peak while assessing the future impact of the drug by restraining or releasing the drug with its adverse effects. “The safety of people is the highest law” as stated by Cicero is the motto of experts aspiring for jobs in the Pharmacovigilance sector. It has to be borne in mind that Pharmacovigilance is not only dealing with pharmaceutical drugs such as allopathic but also dealing with the safety of herbal and naturopathic cures for ailments in spite of lack of cohesive data regarding their risk-benefit profile.

How to make a career in Pharmacovigilance?

James Lind Institute provides intensive, focused and up-to-date training to professionals who would like to opt for various opportunities  in different sectors of pharmacovigilance from research based global pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, BPO/KPOs to local mid-sized drug companies providing research and development of generic medicines which is an essential component of the pharmaceutical market.   

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