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Drug Safety Associate- has its star responsibilities!

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Drug Safety Associate- has its star responsibilities!

“To mull over the type of medication that is safe and best, it must overshadow the risk factors associated by its benefits”.

“Pharmacovigilance” the term has now got the catch of many medical graduates & doctors. Drug Safety or Pharmacovigilance precisely deals with vigilance of new marketed drugs by carefully identifying any hazards associated with risk factors that are not fit for enhancing life or health of an individual. Below are a few responsibilities that are described in brief for a drug safety associate;

1)      Basic duty is to identify & report adverse events from various sources such as those from the healthcare centres & hospitals.

2)      Design safety reports as per the schedule-Y guidelines & must be reported to the regulatory authorities.

3)      Provide & educate the medical healthcare professionals with information about various drugs.

4)      Overview the various clinical trial procedures & support the team performing the clinical trials by providing inputs & analyzing scientific or medical literature to answer queries.

5)      Necessary to perform coding of diseases using medDRA & WHO-DD (WHO-drug dictionary) coding for adverse events & proper medication in accordance to the conventions of coding.

6)      Needs to develop precise, well-written case studies in great accuracy.

7)      Generate a periodic / annual safety report that includes quality assurance and control of data.

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