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Healthcare Marketing in India: A growing Industry

Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare Marketing in India: A growing Industry

Healthcare Marketing

India is a witness to a change. There is an accelerated growth of healthcare industry with sprouting of hospitals, at a pace which, is, entirely difficult to fathom. The healthcare market is seeing both private as well as foreign investments as the Indian health care market is expected to grow by a rate of 15 percent in the coming 5 years. However the challenges faced by both the new or old hospital sectors are Healthcare marketing.

More stress is laid out on the preference of service receiver as the ultimate goal is the satisfaction of the receiver who will in turn vouch for marketing by individual’s experience. Earlier, instead of value treatment the receivers were provided with volume treatment where stress was  on quantity of patients being treated irrespective of the quality of care and treatment being provided to them. Thus, health care marketing incorporates various parameters that are specifically designed to acquire the right patients and form a long lasting relationship throughout the individual’s patient phase. As a healthcare professional it’s important to generate high revenue keeping business objective in mind but not at the cost of devaluing the integrity of healthcare industry. Thus in today’s time it is primarily consumer driven approach like most other industries. It is important for a healthcare organization to build a unique identity to solidify their position in the market so as to have a distinctive identity compared to the competition. The challenging landscape of healthcare is in need of innovative strategies to create solutions that offer personalized value based healthcare experiences for patients and care providers. At the same time when the world lies on technology and social media it is imperative that such avenues be  explored for increasing the visibility in the market by not only having a personalized website and domain but also by being engaged in health related social media activities.

Qualities of a good healthcare marketing professional

It is important for a healthcare marketing professional to be able to motivate the team, build business relationships and conduct marketing activities and maintain high product knowledge of company and competitors along with strong leadership skills to achieve the targets.

Healthcare Management Courses

James Lind Institute has designed courses for such multitask achievers such as Advanced PG Diploma in Healthcare & Hospital Management,  Professional Diploma in Medico-Marketing, Advanced Certificate in Medical Law & Bioethics, Certificate in Healthcare Risk Management and Advanced PG Diploma in Clinical Research and business development. These courses not only provide continuous academic support but also provide mentoring from the senior professionals in the industry so that apart from the education an individual also gets an inner insight into the sector.

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