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How to become a clinical research associate (CRA)?

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How to become a clinical research associate (CRA)?

The fundamental requirement for a Clinical Research Associate (CRA) job is to have an under graduate or post graduate degree in life science, pharma or health discipline. In few cases, employers will prefer candidates with nursing degrees, in particular a registered nurse (RN) certificate.

CRA job demands excellent communication skills both orally and in writing as CRA will be a point of contact for all trail related stakeholders (Sponsors, CRO and Trial sites). ICH-GCP certification is a must and one should be familiar with common industry jargon and different processes in the pharmaceutical sector. It is also a good thought to work-on one’s problem-solving abilities, as these are much needed in many clinical research jobs and indeed will help making sound decisions that directly influence current or future actions at any point of time.

To kick start a hassle free career as clinical research associate, it is wise to get registered with any traditional university or a training institute offering a job oriented degree or diploma course covering topics relating to regulatory affairs keeping in view the global requirements, ethical issues, clinical trial conduct adhering to ICH-GCP and overview of other vital activities like GCDMP, regulatory submissions, medical writing and pharmacovigilance.

Though the industry is in want of clinical research professional, it always looks for right people who are well informed in the first place. One needs to be very choosy and critical in selecting a good training institute which instills the relevant information for a dazzling future.

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