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Major Breakthrough for Scientists as “Antibiotics Resistance Breaker” is all set for Phase III Trials

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Major Breakthrough for Scientists as “Antibiotics Resistance Breaker” is all set for Phase III Trials

Antibiotic resistance is defined as the infection which does not respond to a particular drug as a result of bacteria changes that make the infection immune to the drug. The drug resistance phenomenon is a huge source of concern with the doctors, physicians and scientists all over the world. If this continues, and if sources are to be believed, then we would not be left with any antibiotics in the next 20 years. If sources are to be believed, we might have soon an antibiotic resistance breaker amongst us as the compound is all set for a phase III trial.

A UK based Drug Company Helperby Therapeutics has recently announced that it has found a  potent, as well as fast acting drug which could lead to a boost in  the effectiveness of older antibiotics. According to the company, they have been researching on this for the past 12 years and they have tested their product in a specific kind of dormant, non multiplying bacteria which has not been attempted beforehand. Their scientists are particularly focused on a compound called HT61, which has shown encouraging results in Phase II trials earlier. This particular compound was effective in improving the effect of an antibiotic by eliminating the bacterial cell membrane and by enhancing the anti – Staphylococcal effect. This lead to a conclusion amongst researchers that it might be a good option to boost the effect of old antibiotics in human beings and perhaps rejuvenate the range of existing, available antibiotics. The studies also confirmed that the compound HT61 makes older antibiotics active against a highly resistant bacterium, hence calling the compound as an active “Antibiotics Resistance Breaker”. The compound is all set to enter a Phase III trial which could lead to its approval and subsequent marketing as well. Helperby Therapeutics has now entered in a licensing deal with Indian based pharmaceutical company Cadila, which coincidently is the first Indian company to receive Investigational Drug Approval from the US FDA. Cadila now seeks to make its presence felt in the UK as well as a result of this collaboration.

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