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Managing Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

Managing Clinical Trials

The human and financial resources used for conducting clinical trials are crucial that require every effort to ensure efficient implementation and management.

Clinical trial management

Clinical Trial Management facilitates the determination of safety and effectiveness of devices, diagnostic products, medications and treatment regimens intended for human use to prevent, treat, diagnose or provide relief from symptoms of a disease. Managing and improving the success rate of clinical trials of different size and complexity requires efficient trial management and timely delivery to benefit patient, produce robust methods of evaluation and develop standard trial management guidelines. Clinical trials regardless of the scope, size, costs or duration require the same coordinated processes and systems. Trials involve huge investment of money, time and human resources to warrant expert management and need for businesslike inception. Many trials fail to deliver because of the lack of a practically structured and businesslike approach of trial management. Acknowledging the key challenge to establish and implement management techniques and systems for effective and responsive trial is most important. 

The System of Clinical Trial Management is used by pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries to manage clinical trials. The system maintains and manages the functions of planning, performing and reporting along with collecting participant contact information, meeting deadlines and tracking milestones. Trial management is essential key competency needed to deliver high-quality trials through clinical trial management solutions that bring efficiency, control, and quality data to every study. Review of literature, application for funds, development of protocol, and data collection design requires considered management approach of lengthy consultations. The most demanding activity to establish and implement effective management techniques is parallel to running a successful business. Robust, enforceable and meaningful standards using trial management principles for the management of trials would require collaborative efforts from funders, sponsors, investigators, trial managers and other interested groups

Clinical Trial Management Courses 

Clinical Trial Management is self-explanatory term for management of clinical trials, widely used in the clinical research industry. The success of clinical trial requires expert team of professionals equipped with imperative knowledge and management skills. Trial team members can comply with regulations through specialised training in trial management.  Appropriate education, training and experience are necessary for every member of the trial team. The lack of good practice standards and training guidelines to pursue a career in trial management can be challenging and frustrating. Different educational programs are designed for professionals of pharma or life science and medical practitioners aspiring to work in the field of clinical research in central labs and contract research organisations (CROs). The objective of such courses is to understand the key concepts required to conduct research that conform to the highest standards necessary for protecting human subjects by critically appraising medical scientific literature, published methodologies and proposed investigations. 

Certificate courses are designed to offer training needed to presume the roles and responsibilities required to run trials. Professional diploma in clinical trial management program at James Lind Institute is designed to cover the global requirements of conducting ethical and efficient clinical trials. The course helps gain knowledge about critical aspects of conducting and managing clinical trials along with understanding clinical trial phases and design, execution, schedules, regulatory documentation, data analysis and ethical considerations. This program provides methodical understanding of core areas of clinical research while imparting extensive training in clinical trial management required for grooming experts in clinical trial. Extensive courses developed and evaluated by experienced industry professionals with methodological approach for understanding the core concepts of clinical trial management are fully endorsed by the clinical research industry. The Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Trial Management (PDCTM) imparts required knowledge and skill set for successful clinical trial management. 

Online Clinical Research Course at JLI

James Lind Institute (JLI) provides an online program – Professional Diploma in Clinical Trial Management to train professionals on skills required to manage clinical research.

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