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MPH for Public Health Nurses

Masters Public health

MPH for Public Health Nurses

Public health nursingdesignates a professional field with primary focusof using social skills andscientific knowledge to promote public health practice and protect thehealthof entire population. They promote easy understanding of health information to the community with a goal to ensure better lifestyle and greater control over wellbeing.

Public Health Nurses

A Public health nurse pursues education innursingscience andpublic healthwith primary focus to prevent diseases and promotehealth in the entire population. Public health nursesare able to work and care for entire population, educate abouthealthissues, improve health safety and facilitate access to healthcare in communities. Public health nurses emphasise on population level outcomes affected by many factors including environment, lifestyle and genetic makeup. These nurses work with entire community or population through medical centers, private and non-profit agencies. They improve community health and prevent diseases by visiting patients rather than waiting for patients to come to the hospital. For those unable to access medical care, public health nurses provide direct healthcare, preventive, screening services and health education.
Some of the duties of public health nurses are to identify health risk factors and monitor health trends unique to certain communities; prioritize health interventions to provide the best benefit to the population; advocate to improve access to health services along with health authorities to vulnerable community; design and implement health campaigns for education on immunization, screening and disease prevention; improve access and inform locally on available healthcare programs and services; provide healthcare services and educate under served populations on risks. Theroleofpublic health nurses focuses on prevention of illness, disability and diseases through immunizations and tracking patterns of disease outbreaks along with promotion and maintenance ofhealthy population.
Public health nurses provide critical healthcare services in rural communities with low income. Public health nurseswork to provide screening tests to ensure identification, and treatment of infectious diseases among immigrant and under served populations. Public health nurses promote early detection of common diseases, explain on proper nutrition, demonstrate safety practices, effectively inform about caring for disabled or sick family members; educate community groups at health centers or schools and other local groups on important health issues. They recognize and respond to potential health crises, immunization programs, provide prenatal and child care services; teach about safety and healthy requirements at home. The workingconditions for apublic health nurseare duringdaytime generally providing preventative medicine to help improve health of communities.

Online MPH Courses

Public health courses train registered nurses primarily to focus on health education, provide reliable and useful healthcare information to protect health and prevent diseases. AnMPH(masters in public health) degree focuses on the concept of public health practice to provide all sorts of job possibilities in this field. The multidisciplinary approach in such programs features a comprehensive overview of the public health system and practices theories in supervised environment. The masters program is modeled to meet multiple challenges in emerging and re-emerging diseases, public or environmental health concerns, socio-political health factors and evolving state of the healthcare system. The MPH degree helps to learn, understand and promote community and public health concerns. Public health courses focus on educatingcommunities on sanitation, health, disease and injury prevention;controlling disease spread and working towards long lasting healthy changes in communities. The online theoretical and distance learning programs in nursing are offered at universities which is usually followed by practical work at healthcare setting in nearby area. Professional online MPH degree prepares nurses in the field of public health.

Online MPH Program at JLI

James Lind Institute (JLI) provides an online program – Master in Public Health (MPH) for adopting a public health career path for nurses and others.
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