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Online Courses in Healthcare Marketing and Medico Marketing

Healthcare & Medico Marketing

Online Courses in Healthcare Marketing and Medico Marketing

What is Healthcare Marketing?

A steep rise in the medical expenses since the 1980s has witnessed an increase in the competition among healthcare providers. This led to an improved focus on healthcare marketing and communications doubling the finances spent on it. Healthcare marketing is considered one of the latest advancements in the field of medicine. It is a customer centric approach for the promotion of health in order to find prospective patients and stay connected with them across various channels. It applies various general advertising and branding strategies to facilitate relationships among hospitals, physicians and patients. Also a portion of marketing budget is allocated to create health awareness, brand management and maintain relationships with health-associations and local physicians. The main barriers that prevent the success of healthcare marketing are paucity of market research data, outdated marketing strategies, insufficient budget and lack of trained manpower.

Online course in Healthcare Marketing at James Lind Institute

James Lind Institute offers an online professional diploma in Medical Tourism and Healthcare Marketing to bring together the core concepts of these two inter-related fields. This course covers all major topics related to healthcare marketing such as Indian healthcare case laws, important healthcare laws in India, marketing concepts and ethics, including an elaborated note on medical tourism, ethics, challenges, standards and future of medical tourism. The comprehensive curriculum for this course is highly endorsed by the healthcare industry since it has been designed as per contemporary healthcare trends.

What is Medico-marketing / Medical Science Liaison / Medical Affairs?

Medico-marketing can be defined as a way of transferring scientific knowledge, in its simplest terms, to doctors, healthcare givers and patients themselves so as to provide an understanding of the product in consideration. The knowledge transfer should take place in line with the ethics of marketing, truthfulness, lucidity and absolute honesty. The primary responsibility of medico-marketing professionals is to develop and manage pharmaceutical brands, interact with key opinion leaders, building customer relationships, planning promotion strategies and so on. The person involved in medico marketing should have an overall perspective of the disease, available treatment options and their side effects so as to balance the scientific and commercial aspects to augment the sales of their drugs and convince the customer to embrace their products. Trained professionals in medico marketing are in high demand in pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations and medical communications companies.

Online Course in Medico-marketing / Medical Science Liaison / Medical Affairs at James Lind Institute

James Lind Institute (JLI) offers an online professional diploma in medico-marketing / Medical Science Liaison to provide an in-depth knowledge of all crucial aspects of medico-marketing such as what healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are all about, epidemiology and evidence based medicine, pharmaceutical medicine, therapeutic areas, new product development, life cycle, clinical research, pharmacovigilance, regulatory affairs, key opinion leader advocacy, marketing concepts, healthcare management ethics and personality development. In addition, each individual enrolled in this course will be given an experienced professional from the pharmaceutical industry as a mentor who can be contacted at any time via e-mail or phone. This course is custom made for individuals who wish to pursue a rewarding career in the field of medical affairs.

What is the eligibility to enroll in the online courses?

A bachelor’s degree in one or more fields of biosciences/ life sciences, pure sciences, medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, bioinformatics, biostatistics, nursing and related areas is a prerequisite to enrol in these online courses. Students in the final year of their graduation are also eligible to apply. Individuals who do not hold a degree in the above mentioned fields may also enrol in these programs provided they have a prior work experience in the relevant fields. These programs are self-paced with a maximum allowed duration of 18 months. The students are assessed based on timely submission of assignments and their performance in tests that follow each lesson.
Some of the distinctive features of James Lind Institute are our cutting edge e-campus and Online Campus Tutoring Centre (OCTC) that give room for all kinds of online discussions related to the study between students and faculty members. Placement assistance and career development support are also provided towards the end of the program, if required.
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