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Online MPH in Lesotho

Masters Public health

Online MPH in Lesotho

Public health is an interdisciplinary field of health sciences that helps inform population, ensure national health and promotion of preventive treatments for healthy living. Public health graduates can work in government organisations, NGOs, research institutes, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Public Health Scenario in Lesotho

The developing country of Lesotho has high prevalence of HIV and tuberculosis (TB) which has affected human resource development. This pandemic and increasing burden of non-communicable and communicable diseases in Lesotho has negatively affected the economy of the country. Government of Lesotho along with development partners and donors support the health sector. The consistent technical and financial support or assistance from the development partners has a significant part in health sector expenditure. Harmonization of development partners and donor support in various programme and activities along with national plans and strategies is essential for aid effectiveness.
The private sector is diverse with traditional or indigenous medical practitioners, modern facility or state-of-the-art services, village pharmacists and non-qualified practitioners. Healthcare business model of public and private partnerships between government, non-government and private companies aims to leverage private sector expertise to improve clinical performance and outcomes in hospitals along with other health facilities. New training programmes in the essential areas of public health provides substantive training in public health management for clinical medicine management and administrative leadership positions. The net increase in the number of well-trained and highly motivated health professionals improves the condition of the Lesothos health system.

Online Public Health Courses

Aspiring public health professionals regardless of specialty or background are driven to improve the community health. Public health is an exciting field with rewarding career opportunities in design and implementation of health programs; public health policy development; public health services, administration or research. Online environment and curriculum features case studies on the latest public health issues. Online Masters provides the education to address global perspective of public health along with real world public health issues and solutions. The degree program deals with health disparities within a wide range of settings. The core areas of public health are epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental health, public health administration and social or behavioural sciences.
High quality education enables public health experts of researchers, practitioners, and educators to excel at conducting research; addressing public health challenges; promoting positive social change; ensuring healthy communities at all levels. Job growth projections and educational requirements differs for various major public health career categories of Statistician, Health educator or Community health worker, Epidemiologist, Social worker, Medical and Health service managers.
James Lind Institute (JLI) is one such institute providing dual online MPH degree program in collaboration withInternational Telematic University in Italy. The 1 to 1.5 years of Advanced Degree can be done in Public Health Research; Healthcare and Hospital Management; Surveillance and Immunization; Tropical Medicine; etc. followed by transfer to the University in Italy for continuing the program. The topics covered include Globalization and Public Health Challenges; Public Health Systems and Public Health Policies; Principles of Public Health; Ethical, Cultural and Behavioural Aspects of Health.

Online Course in Public health

James Lind Institute (JLI) provides an online program in Master in Public Health for better career options in Lesotho.
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