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Online Training in Clinical Research & Data Management

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Online Training in Clinical Research & Data Management

Online Training in Clinical Research & Data Management :- Clinical Research is an activity involving the generation of authentic information pertaining to a new drug, medical device or any biologic having therapeutic significance about the safe usage on humans and the efficacy with respect to the existing or proven treatment regimes. This is a critical part of drug development and primarily involves the generation of data.

Clinical data management (CDM) process includes the data collection, storage, retrieval and reporting of the data generated from clinical trials. This niche area is in high demand as the regulatory authorities are pressing upon e-submissions than existing paper submissions for drug approvals.

It is always of great advantage to purse courses combining clinical research and data management. The clinical research professionals who are deeply involved in attending their daily tasks will find it difficult to takeout time for enhancing their skills or to venture into new areas tightly associated with clinical research process like data management. Online courses will compensate the lacunae created by time barriers and preoccupancy.

The online course combining clinical research and data management is in offering from James Lind Institute and this is quite suitable for working professionals and students who want to get established as efficient clinical data managers.

James Lind Institutes Online Training in Clinical Research & Data Management programs is intended to ensure that students acquire the clinical research and clinical data management expertise required to excel in clinical research  domain.

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