Dr. Abdulrazaq Yusuf Ahmed

Dr. Abdulrazaq Yusuf Ahmed

Dr Abdulrazaq Yusuf Ahmed

Dr Abdulrazaq Yusuf Ahmed

I want to work with an organization which provides a platform to translate imagination into reality and provides challenging & motivating assignments that bring a sense of professional fulfillment with personal growth & development.


My Name is Dr Abdulrazaq Yusuf Ahmed, born in Mogadishu, Somalia 25 April, 1985, Medical Doctor, studied and graduated from Benadir University at the year of 2010 and get the MBChB , Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of surgery, since then I practiced my medical profession in different level , I volunteered at NGO clinics and worked as humanitarian, participated many humanitarian activities, and worked as agent responding to famines, outbreaks, emergencies and droughts, I joined World Health Organization as public health practitioner and also i worked with many international and National organizations in different sectors mainly health, emergency and coordination sectors.

I joined Somali Ministry of health as junior researcher and get different promotions until I became a Deputy Director General and Director of Medical Services at Federal Ministry of Health, I participated in many country led programs and projects as planer, policy maker and coach for its implementation, I led development initiatives at Somalia health sector as a director setting the front seat, I was part of the team designed, established and monitored the Essential package of health services in country level, I have been part of the a milestone programs and roadmaps for the improvement of Somalia Health systems, I participated and led the country roadmap toward Universal health coverage, during my tasks and responsibilities I learned and got a capacity building programs, attended and completed a lot of trainings , obtained certificates and recognitions from a different universities, colleges, institutions and got leadership skills, strategic management, Disaster management, Emergency responses.

I attended several short courses and training sessions in different countries like Netherlands , Egypt , Sudan , Kenya and Uganda.

My experience in Health sector management and my seniority in the field of emergency, disaster and outbreak response i was nominated to be National incident Manager for COVID-19 and led the country program of COVID-19 Response and i have been working and leading the implementation of the country plan of pandemic response and management.

I am Health systems specialist , published many articles in different journals and in different public health issues, now i am the Director General of Demartino public Hospital which is the main and referral hospital for outbreaks and infectious disease responses, a teaching hospital and the largest public hospital in the country, i am also a researcher and lecturer at Some of Somali universities i am also Board Director of private university called Darulhikma University in Mogadishu, i am a Board Member at Receb Deyeb Erdogan Somali Mogadishu Training Hospital (Somali -Turkish Hospital) and i am a Senior Member at Senior Management Team (SMT) of the Federal Ministry of Health Somalia.

I am Self-driven, initiative, innovative, transparence, hardworking, good inter personal skills, team player, dependable, stress tolerance and good planner.

I am a humble person, caring and loving , a family man and willing to be always willing to help people and to be a kind, honest and supportive human.

I am kidney donor and I donated my left kidney to my young brother at 12/09/2021 last year and I am a father of 4 children and responsible father for my 4 brothers and six sisters.

I have a keen interest in getting into public health, health systems management and to be part research activities. I myself involve into many Research, leadership and management activities in Health care services in my country.

I am an outdoor person who loves nature. I am in love with music and dance and swimming and family gathering are my favorite hobbies.

When I’m indoors I love to read and to draw and to memories poems and songs.

I chose JLI particularly because I was looking for a master degree in public health, infectious diseases a course which is entirely online. JLI is also a very reputed institute and are accredited.

I chose JLI for online learning because it has earned great reputation in the field of public health and health systems studies and is also accredited by several International Agencies, and such studies enables me to obtain a skills and knowledge that helps to fulfill my duties.

I have completed the dual degree program at JLI and obtained Msc in public health management- infectious diseases and currently i am about to complete the executive course in public health leadership.

All training modules and the methods of the course was informative, and helpful and the materials are well organized and useful for the students.

I would like to participate in many research and training programs and to apply for international posts and to enhance my leadership skills and capabilities through this courses and trainings.

I have 15 years of experience with team building, consultation and facilitation for program activities in designing and developing programs within a given organizational framework.

I am experienced government-affairs professional and lobbyist with strong background in state government relations, as well as drafting position papers, reports, and lobbying materials. Liaison and advocate with proven track record in representing interests to legislature, executive branch, agencies, associations, and coalitions.

I am excellent written and oral communicator, negotiator, problem- solver, and public speaker who effectively coordinates communication activities and multitasks.

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