Dr Sweta

Dr. Sweta

Dr. Sweta

I want to pursue my career with a renowned place where I can use my in-depth knowledge of the subject in the welfare of the patient and grow along with the organization.

I have studied BDS from B.R. Ambedkar University . The first 2 years with tooth carvings and all were good. But the real interest started in 3rd year while working on patients under the guidance of senior doctors. I also attended camps to educate villagers about Dental Health and Hygiene, treated them for dental diseases. I visited schools to educate children about adequate Brushing technique and oral hygiene measures and did fluoride application and pit& fissure sealant application on children’s tooth. I have also worked in a clinic for 5 months as an associate dentist during my college vacations and did oral prophylaxis, curettage, filling, extraction, crown cutting and impression taking. I assisted in surgical dental procedures like gingivectomy, flap surgery, RCT, Impaction, Hemisection, splinting, fracture management.
As a person, I believe in simple living. Life has its own twists and turns and living my life on my condition is my only mantra. I believe in finding happiness in small things. I am quite an outspoken person or talkative as one can say. I love a roller coaster life with love, laugh, challenges, drama everything.
Medicine was my career interest since childhood. Dentistry happened to me just by chance but I loved the entire experience. By definition it is an art and science, which it truly is. Dentistry with its 8 specializations is a vast universe of knowledge and challenges. I opted for clinical research as this will add a new dimension to my career.
Writing is my first love. I have always had a keen interest in English Literature since always. I write poems, phrase, essays etc. in my leisure time. I also like reading novels. Apart from this, I like painting, shading, travelling, listening to music and art and crafts.
Because I read reviews through internet about the curriculum at JLI being good and acceptable by the industry.
Till now , I have only gone through the demo lecture which was fine.
Am looking forward to taking up interesting and challenging projects and work with efficiency and dedication. I envisage to get opportunities to gain more knowledge and grow everyday. I’m looking to envisage a designation that could use up my knowledge and skills of dental science, clinical research and specialization of medical writing together to work for something substantial.
Positive approach to handle different types of patient and take up responsibilities. Willingness to learn and explore. Flexible and adaptable nature. Good written and verbal communicative and inter-personal skills.
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