Jayne Seleyian Tininah

Jayne Seleyian Tininah

Jayne Seleyian Tininah

Jayne Seleyian Tininah

I want to find a suitable opportunity in the area of medico-marketing or pharmaceutical research and development.


I hold Certificates in Food Preparation and Culinary Arts and Certificates in Food and Beverage Services from The City and Guilds of London Institute, School of Hospitality and Catering.
Based in Nairobi, Kenya, I have one(1) year and eleven(11) months experience as a Technical Sales Officer working with Metropolis Star Labs(march 2013 to date), an Indian Multinational offering high end cutting edge diagnostic tests. My day to day role include face to face detailing of tests to physicians, territory management and KOL development among other duties.
Previously, I was a Field Associate with BRITAM (2012 to 2013) for one(1) year and three(3) months in insurance sales.
Earlier(2010 to 2011) I was running my own business Namelok Food Boma as the director and owner.
Before this I worked in Rendezvous Restaurant (2008-2009) in both catering and marketing departments.

I am a highly presentable, eloquent, with exceptional business acumen, highly adaptable and versatile with ability to achieve and excel in any area of my life and career.

My career orientation is sales and marketing position as a field associate and later as a manager in pharmaceutical sales or diagnostics area

Reading, writing poems, travelling and socializing with people of all races and diversities

JLI has unique courses tailor made specifically for practising professionals like myself, offering relevant topics and flexibility for me to learn anywhere and at any time of the day.

Your study material match the quality of other online platforms such as coursera and havardx and the content is rich.

I envisage a successful career as a manager in a medico-marketing role

I have the ability to learn anything I my mind on.

The programme curriculum is comprehensive and touches on the most relevant aspects of my career.

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