I want to obtain a challenging position in the area of drug development, clinical research or pharmaceutical regulatory affairs within a reputed organization where I can contribute towards the overall growth of the organization and achieve personal and professional growth.

MORE ABOUT ME Microbiology, Biotechnology, B.ed in life sciences

Advanced Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research and Regulatory Affairs
3 years of cumulative experience in Healthcare and Education industry.

Strong, determined,dedicated,quick learner, team player ,an enthusiastic reader, good listener, compassionate,always ready to improve and strive to be a better human and a consistent learner.
To work in clinical research industry and healthcare towards better health solutions using my experience as an enhancing force and to positively evolve with the organization.
Reading, writing, sketch painting.
Because it offered me a convenient and extensive knowledge-based course and flexibility of planning my hours.
Its thorough, extensive and gives overall a good coverage of the industry basics, however would appreciate some more information on current updates on a regular basis.
Looking forward to a bright career in Clinical research where I can grow and learn along with the organization and explore more opportunities and potentials. Also an employee friendly environment where efforts are appreciated.
Determination, positive attitude, a keen eye to details,organizational skills, communication skills, strong sense of good values,patience, an ability to both voice my opinion and also ask to stay updated.
It was informative, extensive yet flexible but would definitely suggest a little better communication timelines and functional features.
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