Ranjana Srivastava

Ranjana Srivastava



 I am a professional with 38 years of rich & qualitative experience in scientific domain. I am looking forward to senior management roles related to R & D.


After my M. Sc (Botany) from Kanpur University (1971), I moved to University of Brussels, Belgium (1972-74) where I started my research on RNA Polymerase of E. coli k12. I later returned to India and finished my PhD work in Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow on “Genetics of DNA dependent RNA Polymerase of Escherichia coli K12” in 1978 and moved to USA as Post doctoral fellow in Brown University, Providence, RI, USA. I joined CDRI as faculty (Scientist C) in 1985 and continued therein. My research work included colonizing and adhesive antigens of Vibrio cholerae, development of DNA diagnostic probe for Tuberculosis, identification of M. tuberculosis genes expressed during infection in macrophage, lungs of mice and human TB infection, development of animal models and identification of new chemical entities against tuberculosis. I have been visiting scientist in Center for Vaccine Development, Baltimore, USA and Institut Pasteur de Lille, France.

After finishing my M. Sc, I joined Mol Biol Lab in University of Brussels, belgium, one of the best molecular biology lab with no experience in the field. However it gave me a chance to be identified as one of first few molecular bilogists in India in seventies. In 1978, I went to USA for post doctoral research to work in the area of recombinant DNA technology which itself was in infancy. I had no experience in the area. We published the work in Journal of Molecular Biology. later on return, I was asked by Director, CDRI to establish the technology in CDRI. With institutional support and our experience, we did succeed and published the first cloning work done in India in “Gene”, one of the highly peer reviewed international journal. Since then there has been no look back.
I will describe myself as bold, adventurous and daring molecular biologist. I am very passionate about science, learning and updating with newer technologies and higher education.

My interest is in the area of new pharmaceutical products/ reagents and bringing them in market for benefit of society. Translation of molecular research to clinic.

Reading, travelling and social work.

Through online learning the programme fits in with my interests. Also through one of my colleague who is taking one of the online course.

Consultancy in the area of clinical research, generation of protocols/ projects, buisness development, interaction with industry, building financial assistance through venture capitalists and Government Funding.

My experience in the area of molecular pathogenesis. DNA probe and drug discovery.

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