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Public Health Jobs in Ghana

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Public Health Jobs in Ghana

The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Ghana in partnership with various agencies and stakeholders through development and implementation of policies aims at improving the health care standards. Ministry of Health is responsible for providing public health services, managing Ghana’s healthcare infrastructure, and developing Ghana’s hospitals and medical education system. The demand for professionals in public health services, management and safety is growing at a rapid pace in Ghana.

Public Health Professionals

Professionals varying in educational backgrounds opt for various clinical and administrative roles. The multidisciplinary field of public health in Ghana provides diverse careers with professional performing various functions in government agencies, public health clinics and other health organizations. Licensed and Registered nurses provide basic medical care, support and coordinate patients care; collect test samples and perform routine laboratory tests. Emergency paramedics and medical technicians respond to emergency calls in emergency medical settings, transport patients to medical facilities and perform medical services.
Medical and health service managers plan and coordinate to deliver efficient and quality healthcare services by adapting to changes in public health regulations and healthcare laws. Health and safety professionals design and develop procedures for prevention and control systems. Medical or clinical laboratory technicians or microbiologists collect sample, perform tests to analyze bodily fluids or tissues along with studying various microorganisms and parasites. They perform medical tests, routine procedures and provide assistance in diagnosing, treating or preventing public health diseases.
Statisticians in collaboration with survey researchers use statistical methods to collect and analyze data in hospitals or public health agencies. They design surveys or test studies, questionnaires and experiments to detect successful drugs or interventions for prevention and therapy. Epidemiologists reduce negative health outcomes and recognise cause of disease through community education or research and help in implementation of health policies. Sociologists in sociological study or research formulate public health policies and solve public health issues.
Social and community service managers supervise and coordinate community organizations or social service programs to concentrate on helping people with mental health needs, malnutrition and public health issues. Emergency management directors respond to natural emergencies and disasters. Dieticians and nutritionists are food and nutrition experts that promote dietary wellness and healthy lifestyle. Health educators develop and implement strategies to improve the health of individuals and communities as well as teach people healthy behaviours that promote wellness. Community health workers discuss health concerns and collect population data. Occupational therapy assistants help patients recover while Occupational health and safety technicians collect data on safety and health conditions.

Public Health Courses

There are various classroom or online courses and training programs that impart necessary knowledge and skills essential for public health professionals. The Undergraduate courses include specializations in Health Information Management, Epidemiology and Disease Control, Public Health Nutrition, Health Promotion, Public Health Nursing and Environmental Health. Postgraduate courses in public Health are available with areas of specialization such as Biological Basis of Public, Environmental and Occupational Health; Epidemiology and Disease Control; Health Policy, Planning and Management; Population, Family and Reproductive Health; Social and Behavioural Sciences. Short courses are also available in field of Malaria/HIV/AIDs monitoring and evaluation; public health intervention in management and epidemiology along with health systems management for district health managers.

Online Course in Public Health

James Lind Institute (JLI) provides an Online Master in Public Healthin Ghana for better job opportunities in public health. Courses in Tropical Medicine, Maternal and Child Health, Healthcare Management, Occupational Health, Clinical Research and other allied domains are also offered by JLI.
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