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Role of Physicians in Clinical Research

Clinical Research

Role of Physicians in Clinical Research

To define, ‘Clinical research involves the study of human beings in a systematic investigation of human biology, health, or illness, designed to develop or contribute to generalizable knowledge’. Clinical research includes a set of activities that are meant to test a hypothesis, formed on particular treatments/diagnostics/medical devices and so on. The conclusions drawn from such research, thereby contribute to generalizable knowledge which will be used to improve medical care or the public health and thus serve the common or collective good. Still, it has been a daunting question for physicians to understand, if there is any specialized role for them to play in such horizons? And to answer it correctly, yes, it is benefiting for a physician to update themselves with this innovative stream of healthcare R & D.

A physician can participate as an investigator in clinical trials, who can enroll his patients of clinical practice into clinical trials and help to diagnose, prevent, treat, or care for an illness or condition in a particular individual or a group of individuals with the goal of meeting the needs of and benefiting that individual(s). This has been the goal of physician’s all throughout. Once aware of research and its scope, a physician can tailor make his requirement and conduct realistic studies by himself. As for example an assessment of response to particular group of antibiotics in a particular age group can be conducted by the physician on his/her own. This certainly helps him/her in understanding and revising the modes of practice.

Clinical Research in recent era has been established as an industry of its own. With ever growing needs of health sector, Pharma industry invests billions in innovative research. A physician who better understands patients and pharmacological aspects of treatments are benefiting for the clinical research industry to host multiple positions. As a physician, one can hold positions such a medical monitor, clinical administrator, medical advisor and so on. In fact, through participation in good clinical research, a physician can upgrade themselves and achieve new heights. Physicians with good people management skills do especially well in the industry and eventually settle in senior management positions.

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