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Software’s Used in Pharmacovigilance


Software’s Used in Pharmacovigilance

medicinesWhat is Pharmacovigilance Software?

Due to severe withdrawal symptoms experienced by numerous patients from many drugs currently in use, a system called Pharmacovigilance science was developed to monitor the side effects of medicines. A major part of this science is pharmacovigilance software which is able to uncover, evaluate and avert the temporary and enduring side effects of medications. Pharmacovigilance software is used to identify the cause of withdrawal and helps to inhibit unnecessary future events. This software is beneficial to everyone concerned with the medical process including the makers, prescribers and consumers of drugs.

Eudra Vigilance is a pharmacovigilance database created and run by the European Medicines Agency (EMEA). It houses a catalogue of the most likely severe adverse reaction medicines available today.
There are companies dedicated to maintaining software that takes drug safety enhancement from clinical development to post-market observation and patient care. These include Workflow, Relsys and Aris Global. The Food and Drug Administration acts as the US medical society’s pharmacovigilance branch. There are also university and the not for profit agencies Public Citizen and RADAR. The pharmaceutical companies are similarly vigilant about adverse drug reactions.

Pharmacovigilance software

Pharmacovigilance software companies offer Internet access to their serversbyclientsfor use and management of the system. This software is approved byregulating agencies, medical professionals and pharmaceutical companies.
An example is Assured’s software program called PV Works, providing programs for both human medical professionals and veterinarians. It is an industrial workflow engine affordingadministrative control of pharmacovigilance processes. It is able to monitor adverse events and report safety data.
The main aspects of this particular software are safety system valuation,adaptable data entry, risk management, assessment and submission of regulatory reports.
The management of safety and regulation, client access to records, consistent tracking and status reports to governments and clients, and medicine advancement expertise,makes subcontracting to pharmacovigilance software, economical.

Is pharmacovigilance software effective?

  • This software allows global information to be shared quickly and economically.
  • Using genetic profiling, this software lessens the risk of adverse events (ADR).
  • The benefit-risk ratio is established immediately using pharmacovigilance software.
  • Functional efficacy is improved and compliance with regulatory agencies is maintained.
  • The limitations of financial resources and personnel faced by small organizations are minimized by using pharmacovigilance software.
  • This software precisely ascertains the safety of a product.

The need for a global connection in the medical world is not a luxury. Similarly, the safety of medications is paramount in the minds of clinicians, researchers, pharmaceutical companies and physicians. It is imperative that we have a software program that can answer these needs. Pharmacovigilance software is that program.

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