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Telemedicine: A New Way Forward


Telemedicine: A New Way Forward

Telemedicine: What does it Feature

Telemedicine is not a new means of conveying healthcare benefits to society at large but rather an old way modified by new technologies. Earlier ballads would sing the stories and convey information to the community and now we have telemarketers doing the same the only difference being today’s advanced communication technologies are able to provide healthcare services to even a distant source in a fraction of a second and make the two way communication between the patient and practitioner quicker, easier and faster.

Thus, it’s not only about marketing a drug or health information but it is also applicable for training, research, diagnosis and receiving the latest updates regarding healthcare industry alongside educating health care professionals. A large number of internet based medical sites provides enormous data regarding new advents, techniques and treatment options thus forging a path for a form of telemedicine known as e-health. It can be accessed through laptops, mobile phones basically any gadget with access to the internet.

Telemedicine has benefited in multitude ways by transcending geographical barriers for imparting medical information and making access to health communications easier among disadvantaged communities apart from reducing time constraints between doctors and patients. It is also able to provide specialist facilities over video conferencing thus saving costs for both the administration as well as the patients. Increased satisfaction with telemedicine is a results of these key factors of reduced waiting time, travel time and arranging and managing appointments. It is gradually advancing and gaining acceptance so that health communications channels are always open and available. Thus, it can be applied for various communities via computer mediated technology. Thus making a logical transition and has gained increasing acceptance from several communities where it can be tapped into and applied. It provides patients and doctors, in its many forms, communication channels that would otherwise be unavailable. To reach even the remotest source is our aim so that we are able to serve communities at large and are able eradicate diseases and disperse knowledge.

Qualities required for a telemarketer.

People involved in telemarketing sector should have strong leadership skills to deliver business value and at the same time strong communication skills to develop relationships and work extensively at the executive level and must serve actively and constructively as a member of the multi-disciplinary medical care team, keeping the philosophy of care in mind; to ensure the safety and well-being of each and every patient

Courses Offered

James Lind Institute  has designed courses for such multitask achievers such as  Professional Diploma in Medico-Marketing, as well as Professional Diploma in Business development.These courses not only provides continuous academic support but also provides mentoring from the senior professionals from the industry so that apart from the education an individual also gets an inner insight into the sector.

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