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Tropical Medicine and International Health

Tropical Medicine

Tropical Medicine and International Health

Tropical Medicine and International Health is a multidisciplinary field that includes infectious and non-infectious diseases; clinical diseases and medicine of the tropics; parasitological and epidemiological understanding; tropical medical microbiology and entomology; tropical public health and community medicine; international health policy and health economics.

Tropical diseases and Public Health

Tropical diseases is a branch of medical science that encompasses all diseases occurring in the tropics and refers to infectious diseases that thrive in humid or hot conditions such as dengue, malaria, schistosomiasis, leishmaniasis, lymphatic filariasis, onchocerciasis, Chagas disease and African trypanosomiasis.
Tropical medicine is an interdisciplinary branch of medicine that prevents the spread of infectious tropical diseases. Tropical Medicine has an illustrious historical background closely linked to the footprints of imperial expansion, medieval travel and socioeconomic evolution affecting the multiple facets of international medicine and global health. It is paramount to apply stringent precautions such as isolation and quarantine to deal with widespread health issues that are difficult to control in subtropical or tropical regions. Tropical Medicine is concerned primarily with the healthcare delivery in subtropics and tropics which is increasing due to rise in global travel that makes the prevention of tropical diseases a global endeavour. This discipline has evolved to include interdisciplinary activities related to creation and implementation of evidence-based treatment along with prevention of infectious and non-infectious diseases of the tropics. Tropical medicine practice targets infectious disease with thorough understanding of public health surveillance, informatics and immunization research.Tropical medicine traditionally includes professionals working on infectious diseases; doctors working very closely with public health specialists in this field; specialist advisors and other experts.

International Health

International health orglobal health is a field ofhealthcare emphasising on publichealth across national boundaries. Major impetus is given to Medical advancements and Health policies that have political, international and economic impact beyond national boundaries. Global health has a wide scope that includes worldwide reduction of incongruities and improvement in health along with protection against global threats. The concept of global interdependence in global health lays emphasis on flux of aided resources from the economically developed world. International and multilateral collaborative relationships, efforts and solutions are important to deal with transnational health diseases and issues.
Global health includes many contrasting disciplines such as the basic tenets of public health, psychology, international policy, history, law, engineering, complementary medicine, anthropology, etc. The need to integrate constant care, clinical treatment and prevention with improved and established health systems is necessary. Geographic medicine or international medicine is a domain of evidence-based practice, knowledge-based on research and international policy that maintains a dynamic relationship between the drivers of health in a global and holistic context.

Online Course in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

Online courses provide knowledge in Tropical Medicine, Public Health Surveillance and Immunization Research desired by individuals to develop or enhance their career and implement therapeutic or preventive programs related to the tropical health.James Lind Institute (JLI) provides global training and education courses or programs with self-paced learning experience for professional development. The Advanced Post-Graduate Diploma in Tropical Medicine, Surveillance and Immunization at JLI can provide concrete base to physicians, public health experts and other healthcare professionals as frontline healthcare providers to research or practice tropical medicine. JLI also provides Master of Science in Health Management or Advanced PG Diploma in Global Health Management and Policy to develop experts to manage quality healthcare treatment and prevention delivery systems worldwide. These courses provides in-depth knowledge of public health; serves as educational resource to healthcare professionals on parasitic, infectious and other tropical health problems in developing countries along with accepting the role of technology in transforming healthcare.

Online Courses at JLI

James Lind Institute (JLI) provides an online program in Advanced PG Diploma in Tropical Medicine, Surveillance and Immunizationor Master of Science in Health Managementor Global health for a career in Tropical Medicine and International health.
JLI also conducts an online masters program in public health (MPH) in collaboration with Universit telematica internazionale Uninettuno.
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