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Tropical Medicine Online Courses

Tropical Medicine

Tropical Medicine Online Courses

What is tropical medicine?

People living in tropical regions tend to have poor physical and economic resources which results in poverty. Poverty and poor infrastructure in turn leads to many infections that are specific to tropical regions. Tropical medicine or international medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with the health issues that occur uniquely in tropics and subtropics. Malaria, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis, various non-communicable diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and neglected tropical diseases such as rabies, dengue and Chikungunya are some of the well-known examples.

Training in tropical diseases

People trained in tropical medicine have wide career opportunities with hospitals, healthcare clinics, research centers, NGO’s and other government agencies. Training in tropical diseases is country specific and highly focus on the diseases that are prevalent in that particular geographical region. It is an interdisciplinary branch and hence needs collaboration with epidemiologist, microbiologist, virologists, parasitologists, statisticians and logisticians. Effective communications skills are required as the most of the patients the physicians interact with do not understand or speak English. The physicians must have thorough clinical and diagnostic skills  

Online courses in Tropical Medicine at James Lind Institute

James Lind Institute offers an online training program in the field of tropical medicine and similar areas to make workforce available to prevent and combat various infectious disease epidemics and natural calamities. Advanced Post Graduate Diploma in Tropical Medicine, Surveillance and Immunization gives an overall understanding of tropical medicine, public health surveillance and immunology and epidemiology of vaccines with an add-on note on how informatics is transforming healthcare. The program is basically aimed at healthcare professionals and students aspiring to practice or carry out research in the field of tropical medicine.
These courses are suitable for fresh graduates as well as working professionals with a degree in bioscience/lifesciences, degree in medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, biostatistics, bioinformatics, chemistry, nursing and allied sciences. Nevertheless these courses are also applicable to candidates without any science background provided they have any prior work experience in public health, health management and allied areas.
It is noteworthy to mention that James Lind Institute in collaboration with the International Telematic University, UNINETTUNO, Rome, Italy offers Master’s Degree in Health Management to the students who complete their Advanced PG Diploma course Tropical Medicine, Surveillance and Immunization and fulfil the required eligibility criteria for the degree.
Technologically advanced e-campus of JLI acts as a contemporary substitute to standard classroom programs. In addition, they offer personalized classroom activities through an Online Campus Tutoring Centre, mock drills, tutoring and freelancing opportunities.
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