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5 Career Options in Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Medicine

5 Career Options in Pharmaceutical Industry

India is one of the leading global producers of affordable and cost-effective medicines and vaccines. Skilled and trained professionals play an integral role in the growth of the pharmaceutical industry.

Careers in Pharmaceuticals

One of the most sought and flourishing industries of pharmaceutical products is the main reason for national economic well-being and development. New technological innovations can help enable pharma companies to improve patient care with better diagnostic methods and development of novel medicines. The infrastructural implementations in pharma manufacturing are highly complex with increasing number and types of connected equipment, external and internal system integrations. The highly networked pharmaceutical ecosystem has specific requirements for collaborative research and development, data management and regulatory compliance reporting in supply chain. The field of drug discovery, development and commercialisation offers job opportunities for talented individuals with a background in life sciences or other disciplines to develop a professional career in the pharmaceutical sector.
The pharmaceutical field offers a variety of job and career opportunities to young talented graduates with a sound background in life sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, chemistry and various other academic disciplines. Drug discovery research is highly dependent on biotechnologists, molecular biologists, biochemists, bioinformaticians, biostatistician and biomedical scientists; medicinal chemists, computer-assisted drug designers, protein and analytical chemists; pharmacokineticist, pharmacologists, pharmacometricians, toxicologists, biopharmacy and pharmaceutical technology experts; bio-engineers, medical and scientific writers, intellectual property specialists and patent lawyers. Other specialists include quality and manufacturing management experts, data managers and analysts, specialists in regulatory sciences affairs, distribution and marketing professionals. The pharmaceutical industry has diverse roles to offer to trained professionals in key areas of clinical research trials, regulatory affairs, drug development and safety, business development and medical affairs.

Career Options in the Global Pharmaceutical Industry

There are a number of jobs opportunities and unique experience in healthcare in the pharmaceutical industry.

1. Sales Representatives

Sales representatives are required to have in-depth knowledge of the products; responsible for the sale of the products; maintenance of records and building relationships with clients with anaverage salary ranging from $50,463 to $111,499.

2. Research and Development Manager

Research and development managers get involved in research, project and personnel management with a salary range of $61,165 to $156,551.

3. Project Managers

Project managers in the world of pharmaceuticals are in-charge of overseeing the novel medicines, medical equipment and other healthcare product development. The project manager plays an important role in ensuring meeting timeline and budget by working closely with doctors and clinical researchers within a salary range of $54,664 to $138,451.

4. Manufacturing and Quality Managers

Manufacturing and quality managers of a pharmaceutical company have salary ranging from $59,323 to $126,849. Manufacturing Managers are involved in production while Quality Managers are essential to ensure the safety and quality of products used by the public. Quality manager in the pharmaceutical industry investigate, ensure standards and resolve issues related to the products. The role requires delivering reports, implementing safety procedures for testing, managing records and ensuring products meet the highest standards.

5. Laboratory Analyst

Laboratory analyst is responsible for testing the physical, chemical or biological makeup of new products and samples. The results are analysed for accuracy and errors which requires a strict knowledge of standards and compliance regulations. The reported salary of laboratory analyst ranges from $29,945 to $56,868.

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