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Certificate Program In Medical Writing

Medical & Scientific Writing

Certificate Program In Medical Writing

India provides a very favourable environment but faces challenges related to lack of in-depth  interdisciplinary domain expertise and standardized training programs, high attrition rates, inadequate technical writing skills in mainstream education and quality assessment tools. 

Medical Writing Courses

Medical writing has expanded to include safety, regulatory or publication records; communication and educational material related to health services and healthcare products. Medical writers can be employed by a variety of medical journal and publication agencies, clinical research organisations (CROs), pharmaceutical and medical device or equipment sales companies. Writers in companies and research organisations deal with quality control; regulatory protocol; branding, presentation and marketing data associated with the product. Professional writers with background in science or medicine can also freelance in the field of medical writing. Medical education, medical journalism and medico-marketing are key areas of interest in this field. 

Individuals with bachelor’s degrees and background in professional writing can enrol for master or certificate programs in medical writing through on-campus or online study. Medical writing programs provide graduates with understanding of medical terminology and regulations; concepts and skills in editing, stylistics and professional writing standards; intellectual foundation in biostatistics, medical ethics and regulations. Training in medical writing acknowledges use of medical terminology and topics, medical writers study style, composing clinical study reports and medical editing. The typical topics covered in such programs usually include a professional science writing, editing, regulatory documentation and writing, biostatistics for medical writers, biomedical communication and grant writing. 

Certificate Program

Certificate program in medical writing is offered to individuals with some professional experience and a bachelor’s degree in science, medicine or the field of journalism. These certificate programs emphasize medical or scientific knowledge and writing skills similar to that of a master’s degree. The certificate course equips writers with a strong biomedical or life sciences background to target scientific audiences. Certificate programs provide medical professionals with writing and editing skills necessary to publish papers or articles. The certificate programs are designed for graduates with provision of foundational knowledge and medical writing skills required in the government agencies, commercial sector and academia. Online learning offers more satisfying and self-paced learning experience. 

Certified Medical Writing offers an individual a regulated environment to allow proficient and detailed documentation. JLI training program gives methodical understanding of the key areas of all the processes and activities of medical writing along with boosting skills and knowledge to the level expected in the medical writing profession. The goal in such a program is to provide instruction and fundamentals in medical science and writing. The program is designed to permit interaction between students and experienced professionals as course instructors with deep ties in the industry. The academically rigorous course is taught by highly-qualified instructors that use the latest interactive technology for collaborative learning experiences. Such courses are perfect for tech-savvy professionals seeking more streamlined and faster online learning options. The medical writing training program trains to write documents such as clinical trial reports, clinical study protocols, medical case reports and various medico-marketing documents to open up opportunities towards medical writing roles.  Certificate programs in medical writing can help meet the demand for professionals in the industry by training life science graduates with the right skills and aptitude.

Online Course at JLI

James Lind Institute (JLI) provides online programs in medical writing to help life science, medical and allied medical professionals take up a fruitful career in medical and scientific writing

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