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Top Medical writing courses in India

Medical & Scientific Writing

Top Medical writing courses in India

Advantages of international standard infrastructure; large number of qualified, skilled and experienced professionals; cost effectiveness and wide use of English have made India a dream destination for medical writing.

Medical writing in India 

Global rise in clinical research and regulatory services are major factors driving the increase in disease and drug related writing; regulatory and research related writing; publication of abstracts, manuscripts and research articles. Medical writing market based on application has been classified into medico-marketing medical journalism and education writing. Research and review papers, conference writings and product specification writing are required in clinical research organizations (CROs), biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Common responsibilities of medical writers in domains of clinical data management, pharmacovigilance, biostatistics and project management include creating monographs; developing clinical trial related information; writing medical articles, regulatory framework and case reports; and extracting statistical documents. 

Scientifically qualified and well trained medical writers can accurately interpret complex medical information, research and statistical data to tailor scripts for policy makers, regulatory bodies, scientific community, investors and the general public. The writers present scientific information to suit the level of understanding of the target audience. Medical writers with a flair for creative writing ensure simplicity and readability of scientific and medical information of highest standards. Proficiency in scientific and medical writing has become a prerequisite for career aspirants to meet the steadily growing demand in healthcare communication and pharmaceutical industries. Healthcare domains of pharmaceutical and medical device companies, clinical research organizations, academic institutions and publishing agencies offer alluring career path in writing for aspiring scientists, researchers and academicians.

Medical writing courses available

Life science, pharmaceutical science and medical graduates with the right skills and training can enter medical writing sector. Aspirants with diverse background use available writing courses and skill-training programs to choose the type of medical writing job and build a strong career. Institutes offer training programs to life science aspirants pursuing career in research industries, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Since a bachelor degree is not enough, master and certificate programs in medical writing are offered by various institutes. Online programs offer classes asynchronously via webinars and other online delivery methods specifically designed to accommodate working professionals.   Such courses aim to provide comprehensive insights on regulatory, medical and scientific writing to aspirants in the field. These programs cater to the paucity of credible learning options for professionals seeking medical writing as a career option.

Rapid growth in the medical or scientific writing has translated into huge demand for medical writing courses across the globe. James Lind Institute (JLI) offers accredited, high quality, globally recognized online programs to explore a career in medical writing. Medical writers are made aware of medical concepts and terminology, relevant guidelines, structure and contents of specific documents. The professional courses impart skills and knowledge of methodical understanding of the core areas of medical writing that enhances chances of acquiring position of medical or scientific writer. The courses available at JLI provide rigorous training to develop high calibre professional experts in medical writing. JLI is committed in developing professionals equipped with the relevant knowledge and latest expertise that can help mould a career in the emerging writing industry.

Online Course at JLI

James Lind Institute (JLI) provides online program in medical writing to build a career in the field. JLI also provides online courses in pharmacovigilance, clinical quality assurance, regulatory affairs, medico-marketing and medical liaison, medical journalism 

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