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Clinical Research Courses for Dentists

Clinical Research

Clinical Research Courses for Dentists

Clinical Research is a wonderful career opportunity. If one has the required skills, enthusiasm and commitment, this career path can bring very good returns, both in terms of monetary gains as well as satisfaction in professional life. Dentists have a very good future in clinical research primarily because they have a very good understanding of the basic physiology of the human body, its anatomy, pharmacology and many other medical aspects. Dentists in clinical research are eligible to work in any department. Dentists can work in clinical operations departments as a Clinical Research Associate (CRA), Sr. CRA, and later in their career grow to the level of a Clinical Trial Manager, Associate Director, Director, MD and CEO.

Dentists can also work in Pharmacovigilance departments where they can start their careers as a Drug Safety Associate etc and grow in a path very similar to Clinical Operations. Another area where dentists can focus is medical writing. Medical writers are in huge demand as good writing skills are very rare. As a medical writer dentists are expected to write various documents related to pharmaceuticals, clinical trials, publications, marketing material etc, so a good understanding of clinical research and the formats for writing these documents is a must. Dentists can also consider clinical data management however this area does not suit them much considering the medical background that dentists have.

So, dentists have a lot of clinical research courses that they can choose from based on the specialization that they want to choose in clinical research. James Lind Institute offers a number of online programs that highly suit dentists such as the Advanced PG Diploma in Clinical Research & Pharmacovigilance, Advanced PG Diploma in Clinical Research & Medical Writing, Advanced PG Diploma in Clinical Research & Regulatory Affairs etc. If you wish to know more about these online programs, or if you wish to know which one you should enroll in feel free to get in touch with our online counselors to clarify your doubts.

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