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Drug Abuse and Public Health

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Drug Abuse and Public Health

Drug Addiction: A public health concern

Addiction is the repeated involvement with a substance or activity, despite the substantial harm it now causes, because that involvement was (and may continue to be) pleasurable and/or valuable. An addicted individuals initial decision may be voluntary to take drugs however with time loses control over the usage of the drug. Basically, repeated usage of drug impairs the central nervous systems (neurophysiological effect) ability to control the usage of the drug. A 0.6% worlds adult population is involved in illicit use of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana resulting in an indirect increase in diseases such as HIV, hepatitis C,B specially among injecting drug users. It also increases the global burden of disease on a growing economy like India by affecting the productivity and increasing the crime rate thus regressing the social growth, stability and prosperity of a nation.

Unfortunately various risk factors such as mental health problems and disorders as a likely measure to combat stress and anxiety can result in excessive drug usage in addition to social factors of poor family support, peer pressure and history of drug usage in family are a reason for developing addiction. Effects of substance abuse are additive significantly contributing to not only social, physical, but also mental, and public health issues. Substance abuse develops into a chronic illness if not treated sooner and then requires lifelong monitoring and care
Thus its imperative we look at measures to not only strengthen the societys support groups and healthcare system by ensuring each individual gets counseling and treatment for mental disorders as a preventive measure but also provide access to treatment to drug users as the stigma and discrimination for an individual and family members can result in non- usage of treatment and other facilities. Thus, we need greater number of public health workers working towards a better society in terms of mental and physical health.

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