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Healthcare Management Institutes in Ethiopia

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Healthcare Management Institutes in Ethiopia

Healthcare Management Institutes in Ethiopia: There are many challenges facing developing countries at large one of them being health. Ethiopia, situated in a semi arid region, is prone to different food related problems. Refugee camps, resulting from tribal wars and anti government groups, are greatly affected especially with communicable diseases among others. Poor government polices and inadequate health funds are also contributing factors to poor health of the country. Having inadequate funds, the government is unable to sustain its health workers. Healthcare Management Institutes in Ethiopia, which are mostly not up to the mark have also contributed greatly to the resulting poor national health.

For Ethiopian government to curb this problem, it must emphasize on the importance of healthcare education so as to equip its health workers with the required knowledge concerning this field. Quality education will help the healthcare workers to formulate relevant policies that will ensure that the entire county has access to quality health services from the government facilities. Most of Healthcare Management Institutes in Ethiopia have seen the need to formulate e-learning programs for those working in this department. The e-learning programs involve taking classes online without ever having to attend face-to-face classes.

Many Healthcare Management Institutes in Ethiopia that offer e-learning programs are either registered and certified by the government or are international institutes of high repute. E-learning involves minimal paperwork and is hence convenient. All that is needed is a computer and internet.

Healthcare Management Institutes in Ethiopia that have implemented e-learning programs have saved a great deal when it comes to learning expenses. Being underdeveloped, most facilities found in these institutes are unable to support advanced healthcare learning. As such, these courses are offered abroad. With e-learning, one is now able to enroll in healthcare programs without having necessary to travel abroad. This helps to cut down the cost of travelling and maintenance and are thus cost effective. The Ethiopian government should encourage these programs by releasing grants to fund those interested in enrolling in healthcare training programs. If this objective is met, then the healthcare management workers will be able to better implement new healthcare policies that will fuel the country’s health status.

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